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Hire a Commercial Cleaning Services Company to Deep Clean Your Carpets. Improve the Air Quality in Your Office Today!

You can’t always see dirt and grime in commercial carpeting because many people choose carpet colours and grades for commercial buildings that hide dirt and grime well. Commercial carpets can hide thick layers of dust and dirt for extended periods of time, as well as harbour pollen and pet-dander that’s carried in on people’s shoes and clothing. Unless there are huge stains or excessive wear and tear, the […]


Why Have Professionals Maintain The Floors

Floors have needs. They take a lot of punishment, and they can wind up looking shabby pretty quickly. Now, you might think that your business can save money and time by keeping the maintenance in-house, but the truth is that your business is best served by contracting an expert floor cleaner. Consider the following: Floors are Central to Your Office or Business Looking Professional Retail spaces, […]


Preparing for Cleaner Winter Floors

Do you struggle with keeping your office building’s floor clean throughout the winter months? You are not alone. Here are some changes you can make to keep your floor cleaner, including: Talk to your commercial cleaning company about what they think will help keep your floors cleaner. If you have hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors, […]


Maintain a Safe Restaurant Environment with Routine Floor Cleaner Services

While ambiance, price, and food quality all play a role in helping your restaurant succeed, these are not the only priorities that you need to worry about on a regular basis. It is important to provide your customers and employees with a safe work environment, which is mainly accomplished through cleaning. Your employees should be […]


Floor Cleaning Service is an A+ Choice for Schools

Buildings with high traffic areas are a challenge to maintain. If your building has the pitter patter of hundreds of school children entering the building or bringing playground debris in on a daily basis, you will benefit from a regular professional floor cleaning. Reasons You Should Leave the Floor Cleaning to Us: A clean and […]


VForce: Your Company’s Dedicated Floor Cleaner

Office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels what’s the first thing you notice as you enter the smudge-free (or not so smudge-free) glass doors that welcome you into their establishment? No, it’s not the impressive shade of olive or grey that coats the interior walls. No, it’s not the ambiance created by the establishment’s choice of lighting. What you […]


Make it Happen: The Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner is Also Worker-Friendly

The floor of a business can speak volumes about the state of the business as it is the first thing noticed by people entering through the office doors. A commercial floor cleaner has many important responsibilities besides the obvious of keeping the area clean. When people walk they tend to watch where they are walking. Gretchen Rubin, author of The […]


A Professional Cleaner Has the Tools and Expertise to Make Your Floors Sparkle

The soon to arrive Spring makes most of us look around and notice things that need a good cleaning. For commercial businesses and facilities, the floors take on a lot of foot traffic, and thus, dirt and grime accumulate over the winter months. If you want to see them restored, a professional floor cleaner can […]


How Often Should You Hire A Commercial Floor Cleaner?

Your building probably has carpeting, tile or other hard-surface flooring, but it more than likely has a combination of surfaces to clean. You probably notice the dirt, dust, or mud from the rain building up at entrances and down heavily traveled paths. The dirt and grim are not always so obvious on dark carpeted areas, […]


Why Hiring a Professional Floor Cleaner Makes Economical Sense

Maintaining a clean and tidy office is directly proportional to a successful business. Sometimes this is a task that gets pushed to the back burner in favour of other business related projects and tasks. A clean floor is important to the image of the business as it projects a positive image and a healthy and […]