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Why Your Department Store Absolutely Needs Commercial Cleaning Services  

There is much to consider when cleaning a large department store. It’s not just about emptying the trash and doing a quick sweep every night. There are floors to wax, restrooms to restock, carpets to vacuum and deep clean, spills and stains to tend to, and display counters to make streak-free. And this is just […]


Here’s How the Right Commercial Cleaning Services Support a Better Brand Image  

Your brand encompasses all of the associations that customers make with your business – not only with your products and logo, but also with different aspects of their experience, ranging from customer service interactions to the impressions they develop of your facilities. The right commercial cleaning services provider knows how important it is for your […]


Why Your Hotel Needs “5 Star Quality” Commercial Cleaners 

You spend a lot of time and money marketing your hotel to appeal to both new and returning visitors. It’s a competitive industry and you know you need to do everything you can to ensure your hotel receives positive guest reviews. If you’re a frequent traveler yourself, you already know how much value vacationers place […]


Using Experienced Professionals for Construction Cleanup 

You and your crew are busy, faced with an important project that must be done right while staying within a timeline and budget. Construction work is very demanding and can also be dangerous. Maintaining a clean work site not only makes the area safer, it also helps you to complete the project on time. At […]


The Benefit of Property Management Cleaning Services for Vacation Rental Properties 

Property management is a big job, and there are so many facets involved. Not only do you have to keep track of paperwork, maintenance, and rental income, but you have to make sure the property is always ready for the new tenants moving in. Sometimes it is best to delegate some of the responsibility, and […]


The Top Commercial Cleaning Trends of 2017 

In a constantly changing world, you want to ensure that your janitorial and commercial cleaning company is keeping up with your evolving business by offering you the most current products and services available. These top commercial cleaning trends illustrate what your business can expect from leading janitorial companies in 2017. Green Cleaning Increased awareness and regard for […]


5 Key Qualities to Look For in a Janitorial Services Company

Keeping your commercial property clean is an important part of running a successful business. A clean facility keeps customers coming back, and gives employees a healthy environment in which to work. When it comes time to hire a janitorial services company to clean your business, you should look for these 5 key qualities. Experience The most important quality to look for […]


Why Winter Weather Cleaning Challenges Require Professional Cleaners

Canadian winter weather can quickly make a nice office look bad, bringing with it dirty sludge and wet garbage tracked in by shoes and knocked off of coats onto the floor. Windows also seem to get more dirty and grimy from condensation and increased air moisture. In addition, cold and flu germs can stay trapped […]


Are Your Servers, Cooks and Bussers Really the Best Cleaners for Your Restaurant Kitchen?

Dirty restaurant kitchens are a popular topic for reality TV shows. They can also make great subject matter for consumer news reports. Unfortunately for customers, these TV shows and news reports wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t truth to the stories. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant as a server or busser, you know the sad truth […]


Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Construction Cleanup

Construction Cleanup is never a fun job, however if you work on a construction site, you know how important it is. Cleanup is something all developments must face before opening the property to the general public or listing the development for sale. There is the obvious reason of simply wanting your space to look clean […]

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