12 Reasons Why You Should Hire VForce for Construction Cleaning

12 Reasons Why You Should Hire VForce for Construction Cleaning

Cleaning a jobsite and freshly constructed building requires far more attention-to-detail and extensive cleaning measures than even the most diligent residential cleaning job. Clearing of debris, removing sawdust, drywall dust and overspray from every surface, corner, window sill and track is just part of a very extensive cleaning process that requires commercial-grade cleaning equipment and experience to accomplish properly. You need a commercial cleaning crew that can serve as a dependable extension of your building crew. If your crew serves the Greater Victoria area, here are 12 reasons to hire VForce Commercial Cleaning for all of your construction cleaning needs:

#1 We Adhere to Your Timelines

We understand you’re often working under tight timelines and you and your crew have more pertinent things to do than tend to cleaning up your jobsite and getting your new building ready to show. Besides, builders don’t necessarily make great cleaners. Perhaps you are in need of construction cleaning right away, or need someone flexible and available at undefined intervals during your building project. We’re you’re people! Need thorough construction cleaning done within 48 hours? We can do that too.

#2 Done Right the First Time

There are few things more frustrating than having to pick up someone else’s slack or redo any aspect of a job that wasn’t done to your standards the first time. We get that! And we’ve built our company’s 45 years of success based on our commitment to delivering cleaning excellence on every job we do. Our reputation depends on it. After all, we want you to want to hire us again for all of your future construction cleaning jobs.

#3 Our Fanatical Attention to Detail

Sometimes, being fanatical can be a good thing; especially when it comes to construction cleaning! We know your building has to be sparkling clean and ready to showcase to your clients within days. We know that the cleanliness of your jobsite, both inside and out, weighs heavily on your own reputation, so there’s no room for error. Our construction cleaning process ensures nothing is missed and that we leave both the inside and outside of your jobsite sparkling clean and ready to welcome your clients.

#4 Mitigate Liabilities

Our expert cleaning crew is professionally trained and experienced in construction cleaning. We have very little turnover in our staff, and we invest heavily in our training and equipment. Our cleaning crew is bonded, insured and WHMIS certified, and capable of working around common jobsite hazards. We respect the local ordinances and rules regarding the disposal of jobsite materials and we adhere to them when removing debris from your jobsite on your behalf.

#5 Prevent Damage

Removing sticker-adhesives, stucco and paint from windows and appliances requires a skilled and practiced hand to prevent scratches. Stone countertops and backsplashes require very specific solvents and protocols. Our equipment, experience and techniques make us efficient at cleaning a variety of surfaces, from flooring and appliances to countertops, walls and windows to a sparkling finish without causing scratches, dings or other damage.

#6 We Have the Right Tools for the Job

Our commercial grade equipment effectively pulls dust, dirt and debris from even hard to clean places that standard cleaning equipment often leaves behind. This makes us more capable and efficient at everything involved in construction cleaning: from sawdust and debris removal, to dusting and sanitizing; cleaning baseboards, trim and appliances; carpet cleaning; cleaning and waxing flooring; professional cleaning of both inside and outside windows; and power-washing outdoor walkways as needed.

#7 Our Comprehensive Approach Saves You Time and Money

Our 45 years of experience has allowed us to amass expertise in a wide variety of specialized cleaning services such as:

  • Professional carpet cleaning and stain removal
  • Floor stripping, cleaning, re-waxing and polishing
  • Outdoor power-washing
  • Professional indoor and outdoor window cleaning
  • Appliance cleaning and maintenance
  • Cleaning and maintenance of stone surfaces
  • Sanitization
  • Debris removal and cleaning of industrial equipment and jobsites

This saves you time and money from not having to hire additional cleaning specialists to address all of your jobsite’s cleaning requirements.

#8 We’re Reliable and Responsive

Post construction cleaning should ideally be scheduled within 48 hours of job completion, but we also know there are times when you need the jobsite to be clear of debris, and the inside of your building project cleaned and prepped prior to the arrival of another subcontractor. We know you can’t always anticipate when cleaning is needed until the last minute. Our emergency cleaning services address situations like these. Our construction cleaning crew can be dispatched to your jobsite with a simple call.

#9 A System That Ensures Excellence. Every Time. 

Have you ever hired a subcontractor who seemed great in the beginning, but as the “honeymoon” wore off, their standards began to slip and they started taking shortcuts? We know quality + consistency is key! Our 4-tiered inspection program ensures each construction cleaning job is done to exacting standards every time.

#10 Established and Accountable

VForce Commercial cleaning has been delivering commercial and construction cleaning excellence to clients in the Greater Victoria area for over 45 years. We are selective about who we hire – with background checks and careful vetting – and we invest in our team’s ongoing training and equipment. We take pride in our work and it shows. The little turnover in our team means our crew maintains a high level of construction cleaning skills and experience.

#11 Prices and No Surprises

We respect that you have a strict budget to stay within. We offer no-obligation quotes, so you can inquire about our pricing before hiring us, and we stand by our quotes (no surprise charges after you give us the job).

#12 Attitude You’ll Appreciate

We pay as much attention to our customer service as we do to our cleaning. We’re approachable and within reach when you need us. And we can work around your crew while staying well out of their way. We’re confident you’ll find us refreshing to deal with and very easy to work with.

If you need construction cleaning help now, or have a construction project approaching completion, trust VForce Commercial Cleaning to do the job well. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote. We look forward to being a reliable extension of your crew.