3 Reasons to Hire Commercial Cleaners to Deep Clean, Re-Wax and Polish Your Department Store’s Floors Before the Holiday Rush 

3 Reasons to Hire Commercial Cleaners to Deep Clean, Re-Wax and Polish Your Department Store’s Floors Before the Holiday Rush 

Your department store sees a lot of traffic during the winter months. Everybody needs something for the holidays, and you have a lot of work ahead of you getting prepared for the onslaught. It can be easy to forget your floors while you are putting up new displays, holiday decorations, and arranging for events. However, your floors deserve some holiday love, too. And you should have commercial cleaners deep clean, strip, re-waxed and polish your department store’s flooring before the holiday shopping frenzy sets in. Here are 3 reasons why. 

#1 Keeping up Appearances and Making Sparkling Impressions 

It does no good to have a glittering Christmas display if it is sitting on a dingy, scuffed floor. It will look tawdry and bedraggled by association. It’s akin to pairing shabby shoes with a formal holiday suit. Your customers will notice the contrast.  

And if your department store features mixed flooring, including areas that are carpeted, a deep cleaning will ensure carpets look like new and aren’t harbouring odours or allergens from seasons past. 

It is, of course, always important to make a positive—high perceived value—impression on customers. In December, it is particularly important to put your best foot forward because along with your regular customers, people who don’t usually shop from your store are going to be entering in droves. They’ll arrive, looking for items that aren’t part of their routine, or they’ll be shopping for someone special. Either way, all these new customers will be seeing the inside of your store for the first time. You want to impress them favorably so that they’ll feel encouraged to come back throughout the year.  

The right commercial cleaners will know how important appearances are to your business, and what will be required to ensure your department store is sparkling clean in time to welcome new customers. 

#2 High-Traffic Protection 

There are going to be a lot of feet on your floor. Some of those feet will be encased in hard boots or stiletto heels. And it isn’t just feet putting stress on your floors. Heavy displays and packages are going to be dragged across the surface, too. Your department store’s flooring needs a nice coat of wax to protect it from the wear and tear. Otherwise, worn spots will appear on your floors and the surface will become uneven. Have your commercial cleaners strip, re-wax and polish your department store’s hard-surface flooring as a means to protect against excess damage during the upcoming, high-traffic, holiday shopping season. Your floors will last longer as a result.  

While carpeted areas aren’t subject to scuffs and scratches like hard surfaced flooring is, deep cleaning your department store’s carpeted areas now will prevent last season’s dirt and pollen from becoming deeply embedded in your carpet’s fibres. Commercial cleaners like VForce will use professional, commercial-grade, carpet cleaning equipment that is extremely efficient at both removing embedded dirt and odours as well as sucking up water, resulting in faster drying times. Your carpets will be clean, dry and ready to welcome customers when your doors open in the morning.  

#3 Out with The Old and In with The New 

A dingy store is a bad way to ring in the New Year, and with Boxing Week sales traffic often extending into the new year, there will be too much going on during December to make time for a floor re-waxing. That makes now the perfect time to have the right commercial cleaners give your department store’s flooring the love and protection it will need to be ready for the new year. 

Our team at VForce Commercial Cleaning has over 45 years of skill and experience cleaning commercial spaces such as department stores. Our attention to detail and quality assurance program has earned us a reputation for commercial cleaning excellence from a variety of business-customers in the Greater Victoria Area. If you‘re ready to have your department store’s floors spruced up for the holiday season, contact us for a no-obligation quote today.