4 Reasons to Make “Establishing an Office Cleaning Routine” One of Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year 

4 Reasons to Make “Establishing an Office Cleaning Routine” One of Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year 

Many individuals are making New Year’s resolutions this time of year. As a business owner (or person in charge of operating a business) you can make resolutions for your business too, and a professional office cleaning company can help you meet them. Here’s how: 

Reason #1: Resolve to Increase Employee Productivity 

This year, let a professional office cleaning crew make your business environment conducive to optimal productivity and increase morale, by: 

  • Eliminating distracting odours and common indoor-allergens with regular dusting and floor and carpet cleaning. 
  • Keeping windows clean and clear of debris from the inside and outside, increasing the amount of natural light within the office. 
  • Keeping bathrooms clean, sanitized and restocked. 
  • Sanitizing office surfaces, reducing the spread of germs (and reducing employee sick-days). 
  • Reducing interruptions–Your staff won’t have to stop working on projects mid-way to remove trash, or hastily clean the boardroom before a client arrives at the office. 
  • Removing office cleaning from you and your employees’ task lists—leaving the cleaning up to professional office cleaners means you and your team can focus your energy on more important tasks that require your core competencies.  

With a cleaner working-environment, you and your employees will feel less stress and more proud about your workspace, which will naturally boost morale. 

Reason #2: Resolve to Prevent Cleaning Emergencies from Morphing Into Cleaning Catastrophes 

With broken pipes and other cleaning emergencies, time is against you. The longer water and chemicals sit, the more damage it does, and the more long-term problems it creates. A professional cleaning company that provides emergency cleaning services can be relied upon to promptly address the threat to your property before it becomes a bigger issue for you. 

Reason #3: Resolve to Save Money on Office Furnishings and Equipment 

Commercial flooring and office furnishings cost a lot to replace and install. You can protect the lifespan of your hard-finish flooring, carpets and furnishings with regular office cleaning. Consistent office cleaning removes dirt and debris before they become stains and odours. Seasonal carpet cleaning, floor stripping and re-waxing protects your office flooring from unsightly damage and early wear. Consistent office cleaning protects your investment. 

Every office has expensive equipment that can be affected by dirt, dust and moisture. It can gum up ink cartridges and the inner workings of printers. If it gets on your scanner plate, it can mess up your scans. Your professional office cleaners will keep dust from shortening the lifespan of office equipment while being careful to prevent damage. 

Hire the Right Office Cleaning Crew to Support Your Goals 

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