4 Times Throughout the Year When a Commercial Cleaning Crew Should Provide Your Store with a Deep Cleaning  

 4 Times Throughout the Year When a Commercial Cleaning Crew Should Provide Your Store with a Deep Cleaning  

Retail stores see so much traffic. Hundreds of shoppers tromp through your building all day, and just making your store look respectable before they come in the next morning can seem like a real struggle. However, there are times when you need to make the extra effort to have a commercial cleaning crew give your store a more thorough cleaning: 

#1 Before Anyone from Head Office Comes for A Visit 

If your store is part of a retail chain, your regional supervisors might not see your individual store more than once a year. Naturally, they will want to be impressed with your store’s efficiency and get an overall favourable impression to report back to head office. A sparkling clean store with streak-free mirrors, newly waxed floors, and shiny windows will make your store’s team look good to the heads of your company. 

#2 At the Turn of Each Season 

If your store tends to change-out displays and move stock around at the turn of each season, this marks a great time to have a commercial cleaning crew provide a deep cleaning throughout your store. Flooring can be stripped, re-waxed and buffed, carpets can be shampooed and treated to prevent embedded stains and odours, indoor and outdoor windows can be cleaned and all surfaces dusted and sanitized. Your store will look and feel fresh, and its overall cleanliness will prove easier to maintain between quarterly deep cleans.  

#3 Before and After the Holidays 

The holiday shopping season presents an ideal opportunity to make a sparkling impression on both new and return customers. Your customers will notice whether or not your store is clean and well maintained. And freshly cleaned surroundings will support your store’s high perceived value and encourage longer visits from shoppers.  

If your store sees a lot of traffic throughout the holidays, it probably accrues more than the usual amount of dust, dirt, spills and fingerprints too.  

Having a commercial cleaning crew give your store a deep cleaning immediately following Boxing Week, for example, will ensure your store isn’t entering the new year with last year’s dust, dirt and debris. Your store’s surroundings will be as fresh and new as the Spring stock you’ll be showcasing. 

#4 After an Emergency 

Despite even your very best preventative measures, cleaning emergencies happen. And the thing about cleaning emergencies is that they tend to spread. If your pipes sprang a leak, you have more than the puddle to clean up: you have potential mould spores and wood rot to prevent.  

If an act of vandalism results in broken glass, a commercial cleaning crew will be able to safely and promptly remove it. Even when innocent spills are addressed to prevent slipping hazards, any residue needs to be addressed by commercial cleaners to prevent permanent damage to your store’s flooring. Thus, it is in every business owner’s best interest to hire a commercial cleaning crew that also offers emergency cleaning services.   

Your Trusted Commercial Cleaning Crew 

Throughout the course of running your retail business, your store will need the occasional deep cleaning, and a commercial cleaning crew like our team at VForce will know how to do it best. When you’re ready to take your store’s cleaning to the next level, contact our team of commercial cleaners at VForce for a no-obligation quote. We’ve been providing commercial cleaning excellence to businesses in the Greater Victoria area for over 45 years.