4 Ways Commercial Cleaning Services Save Your Business Time and Money 

4 Ways Commercial Cleaning Services Save Your Business Time and Money 

Keeping your office clean isn’t just about keeping a safe and attractive workplace. Albeit, those reasons are important, but so is saving time and money. Here’s how commercial cleaning services protect your investment by preventing damage, and greatly extending the life of your office flooring and fixtures. 


Installing the original flooring was expensive. Replacing it will not only carry the extra cost of removing and disposing of the old materials, but result in time spent moving furniture out of the office and even lost business hours for renovation. Keeping your flooring clean will go a long way toward extending its usable life.  

Commerical-grade carpets: while more durable than standard-grade carpeting, still requires regular cleaning to prevent stains and odours. High traffic areas result in outdoor dirt, salt, pollen and oils being deeply deposited into carpet fibres, and if left too long, can result in discoloration and damage. 

Commercial-grade cleaning equipment can reach and remove dirt more effectively than standard carpet cleaners or rental machines. Commerical carpet cleaning equipment also sucks up more water, facilitating faster drying for freshly cleaned carpets, which saves time and prevents mold.  

Commercial hard-surface and tile floors: can last decades, pending you maintain their protective layer. The right commercial cleaning services provider can provide much more than the occasional mopping, and keep your commercial hard-surfaced flooring in excellent condition by promptly removing scuffs, marks and stains, and by restoring their protective layer with a seasonal waxing and rebuffing. 


Did you that dirty windows can permanently damage the glass?  

Look for a commercial cleaning services provider that offers professional window cleaning. Keeping your office windows clean and clear will preserve the glass and also help reduce heating and lighting costs by allowing more natural sunlight through. And if any of your office windows open, keeping them clean and free of pollen and debris will also help keep indoor-air cleaner and reduce allergens. 

Commercial Appliances 

Commercial appliances require special upkeep to prevent lime, food and mold buildup which can make all of these appliances unusable or hazardous to use over time. A commercial cleaning services provider such as VForce can properly clean commercial kitchens, industrial equipment and appliances, thereby extending the life of your appliances and ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers. 


Consider that the state of your restroom weighs on the overall impression your customers have about the rest of your business. Bathrooms located in a commercial space require regular maintenance to prevent health-hazards as well as damage. An empty soap or hand towel dispenser can quickly become damaged by frustrated patrons. And stall doors can become damaged when patrons use alternative ways to navigate through your bathroom to avoid making contact with dirty-looking stall-doors and surfaces.  

A commercial cleaning services provider will ensure surfaces are effectively sanitized, and supplies are restocked to keep your bathrooms safe, clean and functional. 

Overlooking the regular maintenance of the surfaces and fixtures inside your office building will result in making your workspace look worn down long before its time, requiring replacement and costing your business time and money in the long run.  

For commercial cleaning services that are specifically tailored to your needs and budget, contact our team at VForce Commercial Cleaning for a non-obligation quote. Learn why we are the trusted commercial cleaning services provider for so many businesses in the Greater Victoria area for over 45 years!