5 Common Signs that Your Workplace Needs Commercial Office Cleaning Services 

5 Common Signs that Your Workplace Needs Commercial Office Cleaning Services 

You know how the cleanliness of your business, or lack thereof, affects how you’re perceived by your clients. You stress the importance of company image to your employees and have made your expectations clear. You think you’ve delegated your office’s housekeeping tasks to the right people, but their lack of-attention-to-detail seems to be an ongoing issue. Many business owners share your predicament. Here are the 5 most common workplace issues that business owners face before they decide to hire a commercial office cleaning company to address their office’s cleaning needs. 

Sign #1: Inconsistent Cleaning 

Your associates have different standards of cleanliness. Some mornings you can find evidence of yesterday’s coffees and lunches, a dirty staffroom microwave, or a forgotten waste basket. Everyone seems to tidy their area, but it’s never consistently clean. And details are being missed when it comes to cleaning the chairs and surfaces in the boardroom and common areas. These missed details have your teammates scrambling to wipe things down before clients arrive.  

Solution: Skill and Consistency 

Hiring a commercial office cleaning services team that is meticulously trained, well experienced, vetted, bonded and insured. Working with the proper equipment and products, every area of your office is uniformly cleaned. And they come complete with their own quality assurance measures, ensuring attention-to-detail and expectations are consistently met. You and your employees arrive to a meticulously clean workplace every morning.  

Sign #2: Office Illness 

It isn’t very often that a week goes by without someone calling in sick. It’s getting more difficult for your staff to compensate for missing colleagues. And as soon as one person in the office comes down with something, one after another, remaining teammates start getting sick too. 

Solution: Proper Sanitation 

The right commercial office cleaning team will ensure all surfaces are properly sanitized to avoid cross-contamination and the spread of illness through your office. This means, less missed work, more hands on deck, and increased productivity. 

Sign #3: Running Out of Supplies 

When something runs out, you typically send an employee to replace depleted supplies or pick it up on your way into work the next day. You’re paying high retail costs for marginally useful products and, sometimes, the bathroom soap and paper towel dispensers remain empty for several hours before being addressed. The issue is brought up at almost every staff meeting which results in finger-pointing between staff.  

Solution: Supplies Furnished 

A commercial office cleaning provider that offers the option of keeping your supplies stocked. Your office is always clean and restocked, and the entire staff maintains good hygiene and a professional appearance for the unexpected client. No one feels burdened with housekeeping.  

Sign #4: Employee Conflict 

There are too many disputes between employees over messes left in the break room. There is often a debate over whose turn it is to vacuum or clean the restrooms. You are tired of playing referee.  

Solution: Eliminate the Hassle 

Hiring a commercial office cleaning company can reduce the conflict in your workplace. There will be no more debate or disagreement over housekeeping chores. Workplace harmony is restored, and your staff can spend more time working on their assignments while feeling valued for the skills they each contribute. 

Sign #5: Office Allergies 

Allergies are a year-round issue in your office. Opening windows doesn’t seem to help much. Your windows are covered in pollen residue from seasons past. And animal dander, dust mites, pollen, and mould spores, are trapped in your office carpeting. Even workers who aren’t allergic can develop allergies over time with continued exposure. Vacuuming will help but can redistribute offending particles back into the air. 

Solution: Professional Carpet and Window Cleaning 

A commercial office cleaning company that provides commercial carpet cleaning and professional window cleaning services. Your commercial office cleaning company will ensure your carpets are commercially vacuumed on a consistent schedule, and will provide a deep cleaning when needed. They can also clean your carpets better than any rented carpet cleaning machine––their commercial cleaning equipment is superior at effectively removing deeply embedded dirt without leaving behind too much water in your carpets. Your carpets will be clean, dry and ready to welcome staff and clients the next day. Allergens are reduced, and the air quality improves. And your office windows will look clean and clear, contributing to cleaner air and a polished image. 

A Solid Choice  

When you select the right commercial office cleaning provider, you are sending a message to your employees that the role they were hired for is valued. You are allowing them more time to follow through with clients, which is good for your business. And you are investing in a higher calibre of cleanliness that your clients will notice. 

For all your commercial cleaning needs contact VForce Commercial Cleaning today for a no-obligation quote and ask us how we can customize our services to address your office’s specific cleaning needs. We’ve earned our reputation for providing commercial cleaning excellence to businesses in the Greater Victoria area for over 45 years.