5 Tips for Choosing Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services 


You already know how important it is to make sure your healthcare facility is a clean and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors. When it comes to choosing healthcare facility cleaning services, it’s important that you know what questions to ask and what elements to look for in the right experts for the job. Healthcare facilities have very specific requirements and compliance standards that your cleaners need to be aware of and experienced in. It is important to choose a healthcare facility cleaning services team that has the capabilities to address all of your potential needs.

Here are five tips for choosing the right healthcare facility cleaning services provider 

#1 Compliance: 

It is important the cleaning service is trained to meet the health code standards and requirements set by your governing medical body. With consistent compliance to standards and requirements, your facility will maintain a healthy environment and avoid costly and hazardous violations.

#2 Training and Experience: 

It is essential that the healthcare facility cleaning services provider you choose provides constant training for their staff in order to stay up to date with changing requirements, best practices, and effective sanitizing and disinfecting techniques. It is also important that the cleaning company you choose provides their staff with all the necessary tools they require to perform their tasks completely and effectively and in a timely manner.

#3 Communication:  

It’s important that the healthcare facility cleaning services team you choose communicates effectively with you and your facility staff, especially when experiencing changes in cleaning protocols and requirements. Effective communication is also important if there is change in how your facility operates, or a potential health hazard that your cleaners need to be aware of.

#4 Responsiveness:  

Your healthcare facility needs to always be prepared for the unexpected. In the course of caring for patients and accommodating staff and visitors, a myriad of messes can occur that risk causing slipping accidents and health hazards, such as cross-contamination, if not promptly addressed. Ask the healthcare facility cleaning services team you are considering whether they offer emergency services to address any mishaps as they occur. Having an emergency cleaning crew just a quick phone call away will give you and your facility staff the peace-of-mind of being prepared.

#5 Reliability:  

You and your team are busy tending to the needs of your patients and visitors. You don’t want to have to inspect and manage your cleaning team as well. You need the assurance of knowing that your facility is consistently cleaned and sanitized so you can stay focused on providing excellent care to your patients. Ask the healthcare cleaning services providers you are considering what they have in place to ensure quality control and cleaning standards are met consistently.

With health and safety being essential factors for your healthcare facility, it is important to choose the right healthcare facility cleaning services provider that will serve as an extension to your team. If you have any questions about healthcare facility cleaning services, please contact us at VForce Commercial Cleaning and ask how our 4-tiered inspection program ensures cleaning consistency and compliance for your healthcare facility.