6 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Janitorial Services Provider  

6 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Janitorial Services Provider  

If you’ve decided it’s time to hire a janitorial services company to clean your place of business, then it is crucial to vet each provider to make sure they have the expertise and equipment to handle your particular needs. Before you sign any contracts, ask each company you are considering these 4 key questions.

#1 Do you carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance?

A professional company will be able to answer this question without breaking a sweat. It is important for your janitorial services provider to carry these types of insurance in case there is an accident on your property. Although their employees are not technically your responsibility, you can be held liable should they get hurt while working in your building.

#2 How do you hire and train your employees?

Handing over the keys to your office building can be a bit unnerving for many business owners. You want to know that the cleaners you hire and grant access to your building are trustworthy and know how to properly clean your facility. Ask any companies you are considering if they perform background checks and inquire about their training programs.

#3 How do you handle quotes and invoices?

Before agreeing to any contract, inquire as to whether the janitorial services companies you’ve shortlisted offer free, no-obligation quotes. This ensures you and the janitorial services company are on the same page about the scope of work to be done at what cost. Don’t forget to also inquire about the length of payment terms, and if you can pay by credit card or other payment options. Larger companies may have longer billing cycles, which may work better if you require longer than the traditional 30-day net terms.

#4 What other services do you offer?

While regular janitorial services will cover the basics such as vacuuming, trash removal, bathroom cleaning, surface dusting and cleaning etc., it may not include more extensive services if and when needed. These can include carpet cleaning, window washing, or deep cleaning of tile and grout. Ask the janitorial services companies you are considering whether they provide these and any other specialized services.

#5 Can you accommodate cleaning emergencies? 

In the course of running a business, it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected, especially when such unexpected occurrences threaten to interrupt business-as-usual. These include common things such as spilled coffee on carpets or more serious chemical spills which require prompt attention. Ask the janitorial services companies you’re considering whether they offer emergency services when needed. You’ll appreciate the peace-of-mind from knowing your cleaning crew can be deployed with a quick phone call.

#6 How do you ensure quality-of-work?

Oftentimes, business owners decide to contract a new cleaning provider because they’ve been let down by the quality of work (or lack thereof) from their current cleaners. You need to rely on the job being done properly, every time. Ask the janitorial services providers you’re considering what measures they have in place to ensure a high quality-of-work is consistently met.

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