6 Ways Your Building and Products Are Safer in the Capable Hands of the Right Commercial Cleaners 

6 Ways Your Building and Products Are Safer in the Capable Hands of the Right Commercial Cleaners 

Commercial properties such as retail stores and public offices obviously need to be kept pristine because customers come to see them, but there’s a case for why behind-the-scenes commercial facilities such as factories, warehouses and private workspaces should invest in a thorough commercial cleaning team too. While it may be tempting to delegate the cleaning to your employees, it’s actually much safer to have formally-trained commercial cleaners maintain your warehouse, factory, property or workspace. Here’s why. 

Commerical Cleaners Can Do Six Things for Your Property That a Non-Specialist Cannot: 

#1 Catch the Water Before It Does Damage 

Water is the bane of all structures. And catching it before it warps wood, undermines foundations and cracks concrete is important. It can be particularly important to clean up puddles to prevent the rapid development mould and mildew, as some types can be dangerous to inhale. A professional crew with the ability to respond to emergencies will catch puddles early and deal with them in a way that will prevent further damage.   

#2 Respond to Cleaning Emergencies 

We’ve already mentioned why it’s critical to catch water before it causes damage, but there are other situations that also warrant the prompt attention of commercial cleaners. Hazardous spills and vandalism place you and your employees at risk and can temporarily halt the operation of your business. Commercial cleaners that offer emergency cleaning services will quickly address any emergency messes before they cause bigger problems or injuries.  

#3 Discourages Interlopers 

Every commercial property holds nooks and crannies where bugs, mice and other types of pests can hang out. These pests can create health hazards and damage your property by gnawing on wires and burrowing holes in the walls, furniture and storage containers. A professional cleaning crew like VForce is able to reach all those crevices and clean them out before the interlopers can make themselves comfortable. 

Constant cleaning will also deprive pests of a chance to move in and will make your property inhospitable to them. Most pests avoid human contact, and the crew will remove any garbage, dirt and dust build-up that could attract them in the first place. 

#4 Protect Products 

Whether your commercial property features office, medical or factory equipment, or warehouses items for resale, the people you entrust to clean and maintain your commercial space needs to know how to effectively do so without causing any damage.  

Each type of commercial space has its own set of requirements. A medical centre is going to require a different set of sanitization procedures than a warehouse. And a functioning factory is going to require different cleaning products and protocols than a typical office would need.  

Professionally trained commercial cleaners that have plenty of experience cleaning a variety of commercial spaces will know how to properly address each space and ensure the preservation of the products, equipment and furnishings within. 

 #5 Prevent Injuries 

Leaving cleaning up to your employees puts them at risk for injury, and places your business at risk of subsequent WCB claims. Hiring commercial cleaners that are fully insured, bondable and WHMIS certified not only ensures your cleaners are professionally trained in cleaning and dealing with even hazardous materials and circumstances, but also mitigates liability risks for your business.  

#6 Consistent Standards 

If you want your commercial property to be well maintained without having to babysit your cleaners, hire a commercial cleaning company that has its own quality assurance program. Doing so will ensure your facility receives the same high standards of cleaning every time, resulting in a more clean, sanitary and safe working environment. 

Hire the Right Commercial Cleaners for Your Property 

If you have a commercial property that you want cleaned regularly, contact VForce for your no-obligation quote and ask us about setting up a cleaning schedule that works for you. With over 45 years of commercial cleaning experience, VForce Commercial Cleaning has earned a reputation for providing cleaning excellence from various businesses in the Greater Victoria area.