Spring is officially here and has everyone thinking about longer daylight hours, more time outside, and, ugh, cleaning (and the office is no exception). Spring is synonymous with cleaning, perhaps due to ancient tradition, but it also makes sense. And when it comes to spring cleaning the office, seasonal changes in weather, temperature, humidity and daylight can result in indoor odours and make dust and dirt in commonly ignored areas of our workplace hard to miss. For this reason, here are three specialized cleaning services our professionals at VForce Commercial Cleaning recommend you add to our office spring cleaning routine.

#1 Professional (Deep) Carpet Cleaning

Remember the fantastic catered spread at the office’s winter holiday party? The charcuterie boards were unforgettable, not only to guests but to the office carpeting as well! Small particles carried into the office on shoes and via spilled beverages and food crumbs (envision smoked gouda crumbs that escaped a cracker) combine and become deeply embedded in the pile of carpets, far beyond what a vacuum can reach and remove. As the indoor temperatures and humidity levels change, dirty carpets become stinky carpets that become increasingly apparent. Odours are especially prevalent in commercial carpeting designed to hide dirt and wear and tear, so much so that when the carpets smell or look less than pristine, they often desperately need commercial deep cleaning.

Spring is the perfect time to ask your office cleaners to add professional carpet deep cleaning to your office spring cleaning routine. 

#2 Floor Stripping, Re-Waxing and Polishing

We’ve outlined the benefits of this specialized service in previous posts, and spring is the perfect time to give your office’s hard surface flooring the TLC it needs to shine. Floor stripping, re-waxing and polishing restores hard surface flooring’s aesthetic and protective surface, restoring it to an even, attractive shine that can work wonders in the overall look of your office space. 

#3 Professional Window Cleaning

If it’s been several months since your office’s exterior windows were last cleaned, there’s a good chance mineral deposits and other debris are coating the glass, which, if neglected over time, can make the glass look foggy and dusty. Adding professional window cleaning to your office spring cleaning routine will improve the quality of light your windows let into your indoor office space. 

If you need office cleaners with superb attention to detail that can be relied upon to maintain your office and tackle specialized cleaning services as needed, consider hiring our team at VForce Commerical Cleaning.

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