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Why Have Professionals Maintain The Floors

Floors have needs. They take a lot of punishment, and they can wind up looking shabby pretty quickly. Now, you might think that your business can save money and time by keeping the maintenance in-house, but the truth is that your business is best served by contracting an expert floor cleaner. Consider the following: Floors are Central to Your Office or Business Looking Professional Retail spaces, […]


Are Your Servers, Cooks and Bussers Really the Best Cleaners for Your Restaurant Kitchen?

Dirty restaurant kitchens are a popular topic for reality TV shows. They can also make great subject matter for consumer news reports. Unfortunately for customers, these TV shows and news reports wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t truth to the stories. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant as a server or busser, you know the sad truth […]


How to Choose the Right Professional Cleaning Service

Having a clean environment for your business is essential for the productivity of the company and the health and happiness of your employees. It is important to consider which professional cleaning service is a good match for your office building. There are several options for cleaning companies, but remember the lowest price does not mean […]


Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Restaurant cleanliness is vital for the safety of your food, customers and employees. Keeping that commercial kitchen clean is no easy task. Knowing restaurant cleaning frequency for key areas in your business can make the process easier and quicker. Below are restaurant cleaning tasks that need regular attention. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, […]