Construction Cleanup: Removing Obstacles

Construction Cleanup: Removing Obstacles

When you complete one construction site, chances are that you have other jobs waiting. Your skills and expertise are needed at the next site. Yet, the last site needs cleaning up to be presentable to the owner. Don’t let construction cleanup be an obstacle in your construction business. That’s where a professional cleanup crew can get the job done. They’ll clean the site so that all the new owners see is the beauty of your craftsmanship. In the mean time, you can move ahead with the next project.

A construction cleanup crew takes responsibility for removing debris from the building process like leftover lumber or sheet rock scraps, plumbing pieces and tidbits of wiring and other electric pieces. They will also remove stickers from windows and wash the windows, inside and out. Inside the building, the cleaning team will dust and wash surfaces as well as polish metal and glass. They are familiar with the proper equipment and tools to execute tasks like removing the stickers and resulting goo from the appliances. The cleaners will also sweep, vacuum and mop the floors.

Legitimate construction cleanup crews will generally visit the site to see specifically what work will need to be done and then they will follow up with an accurate cost estimate or quote.

At VForce Commercial Cleaning, our construction cleaning estimates will not change after you give us the job. Our talent is efficiently cleaning the site in a timely and cost-effective manner so that you can move on to your next project. Contact us today to arrange a no obligation quote for your site cleanup. That’s an obstacle you won’t have to deal with before moving on.