Details That Only an Office Cleaning Services Professional Will Think Of 

Details That Only an Office Cleaning Services Professional Will Think Of 

The thing about cleaning is that it requires great attention to detail, and there are details that would simply go unnoticed by anyone not trained in the janitorial arts. These seemingly small things, however, can be the difference between a clean office and a grubby one. Ignoring small details over time results in bigger messes and an unkempt workplace. The right professional office cleaning services provider will know what details too address. For instance: 

#1 Stripping and Waxing Linoleum Floors on a Regular Basis: 

Too often, floors are neglected until they show extremely obvious signs of wear. And by then, long-term damage is often already done. Too many people just throw on another layer of wax without first stripping the floors of their old wax coating. The result is yellowed, patchy looking floors with obvious wear patterns. Employees may get used to seeing it, but such an eyesore will disappoint clients every time. A professional office cleaning services provider like VForce will have the skills and commercial-grade equipment to properly strip, wax and polish your office floors to a like-new finish, helping preserve the longevity of your flooring in the process.  

#2 Dusting Where You Least Expect It: 

It’s amazing how fast dust can build up on even high-traffic areas such as desks and office equipment (electronics are dust magnets!). Everything from door casings to light bulbs can build up a film of dust. And window ledges and runners can get pretty gross if neglected. All these spaces gather up spores from outside, specks from the paper shredder, and pollen tracked in on people’s clothing. Left to compound, particles hiding in these dusty caches can trigger allergic reactions and spread further throughout the office. Professional office cleaners will know where to dust and what precautions to take to ensure office equipment doesn’t get damaged in the process.  

#3 Cleaning Around the Trash Bins: 

It’s hard to miss when the bins need emptying, but it is easy to miss the corners behind the bins. The food bits that fall behind the trash receptacles grow mold and attract vermin as they collect and get compacted around the cans. After a while, the area around the bins start to stink, and the dirty residue becomes caked on floors and around baseboards, making it harder to remove. A professional office cleaning services crew will keep areas around bins properly sanitized to prevent health-hazards and odours. 

#4 Making the Mirrors in the Bathrooms Shine:  

There are few things more depressing than looking into a streaky mirror. It makes the rest of the bathroom feel shabby, and it makes it more difficult to spot clean yourself before meetings. Mirrors need to sparkle, but streaks take a trained eye to spot, and the right cleaning products and technique to render them perfectly streak-free. 

#5 Windows That are Spotless from the Inside and the Outside: 

Just like streaky mirrors look haphazardly cleaned, windows coated with pollen, dirt and debris from seasons past can make any workplace look neglected, and also reduce natural light. And if any of the windows are opened throughout the workday, that pollen and dirt can quickly affect your indoor air quality and lead to winter allergies. Look for a professional office cleaning services provider that offers specialized services such as indoor and outdoor window cleaning to maintain your windows every season.  

These are just a few of the things that a professional, specially-trained, office cleaning services crew will notice and take care of without you having to point them out. If you feel that your business deserves this kind of unparalleled attention to detail, contact VForce today for your no-obligation quote. With over 45 years of commercial cleaning experience, VForce Commercial Cleaning is the trusted cleaning services provider of many businesses in the Greater Victoria area. We’ve earned our reputation as having an almost-fanatical attention to detail. And our 4-tiered Inspection Program ensures you receive consistent cleaning excellence!