First Impressions: The High Value of Professional Window Cleaning

First Impressions: The High Value of Professional Window Cleaning

The First Impression: Most business owners value the power of a strong first impression. For a client, the first impression often takes place prior to any human interaction. This process of discretionary thought begins as a potential client walks up to a business. In this moment, clean, sparkling windows often times capture the eye more strongly than the building itself.

The Value of Maintaining a Quality Appearance: Although the first impression means a great deal, any following interactions need to meet the same high standards. Wind, stormy weather and other factors impact the amount of debris upon the building. Whether conditions are expected or unexpected, speedy window cleanup helps maintain a positive image.

Hiring High Quality Window Cleaning Services makes sense. Here are seven tips to consider when selecting a window cleaning service.

  1. Does the company hire enthusiastic, hard-working people who take pride in their work?
  2. How often does the service operate?
  3. By phone, email or website, how responsive is the company when needed, either during the standard contract, or when unusual, unexpected circumstances occur?
  4. Has the window cleaning service been in business for very long?
  5. What standing does the company have with the Better Business Bureau?
  6. How has the company addressed safety and other concerns?
  7. Does the window cleaning service offer other types of cleaning?

Overlapping Areas of Cleaning: Upon locating and testing out a high quality window cleaning service, it often proves beneficial to determine whether that company provides other commercial cleaning services. Relying upon the skills of the people who clean windows to also clean other areas of your business saves time and reduces the overall cost.

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