Industrial Cleaning Services for Your Warehouse’s Spring Cleaning Needs

Industrial Cleaning Services for Your Warehouse’s Spring Cleaning Needs

It may be tempting to ignore your warehouses’ requirements being as they are usually the part of a business few customers see. However, a neglected warehouse gives way to potential safety hazards including slips and falls, mold, mildew, rust, and pest infestation. A few seasons of neglect can cause damage to equipment and stock, and put staff at risk of injury and illness. Warehouses have specific cleaning and maintenance requirements, which is why an expert in industrial cleaning services is required to do the job properly.

Safety First 

Anyone cleaning a warehouse has to pay special attention to safety concerns. The notoriously rainy West Coast winters leave water dripping on the floor, behind machinery, and on products about to be shipped out. This makes things slippery, and your employees risk tripping in the fast-paced environment. Rain and snowmelt can damage rollers and other machinery, which can make them dangerous to operate. Professionals who specialize in industrial cleaning services will know what to look for, and can mop up these hazards before they appear.

In addition, cleaning warehouse machinery thoroughly at least once a year will highlight anything that needs repairing. Caked-on mud and grease in hard to reach corners can hide loose screws, weak hinges, and other defects.

Warehouse Floors 

Keeping the floor clean is particularly important for a warehouse, not only because of the traffic, but because the open spaces are often divided by painted lines that direct traffic and keep people on track. Faded paint leads to confusion, but you don’t want to have to constantly repaint the floor. You need a team of cleaners who know how to clean warehouse floors without causing further wear and damage. All winter, the floor has taken a beating from dirty boots, equipment, and harsh weather. Giving it a deep cleaning for spring helps preserve the overall longevity of warehouse floors. After all,  preserving pieces for as long as possible is a part of making a profit.

Maintaining Your Investment 

A warehouse is ultimately about function, and the less you have to patch up, the more smoothly it functions. Having experts deep clean your warehouse is a step in proper maintenance. They will remove corrosive chemicals that people tracked in from the streets, keep the tubing and joints in the machinery clear, and keep surfaces sanitized and in good condition. A team of cleaners with industrial cleaning services expertise can prolong the life of your production lines for years to come.

If your warehouse could use a spring cleaning, please contact us. We have the experience and expertise required to safely clean and maintain your business’ warehouses, factories, and production areas. Ask how our 4-tier Inspection Program ensures excellence and consistency.