Office Cleaning Services Support a Healthy and Productive Workplace

Keeping your office clean is vital in ensuring the health and safety of yourself, your clients and your employees. However, many businesses make the mistake of attempting to keep routine cleaning and maintenance in-house by delegating these tasks to their employees instead of hiring professional office cleaners to properly maintain their office between workdays.  

The problem with this is that it can lead to inefficient cleaning, expensive injury claims, and a drop in overall productivity. 

Here are 3 reasons to hire VForce Commercial Cleaning for your office cleaning: 

Increase Office Morale

Most office employees don’t expect to have to clean bathrooms, dust, and vacuum when they take on a sales, administrative or accounting position. When faced with these tasks, your team’s morale–as well as their overall productivity–can suffer. And consider that your best salesperson/service person/number cruncher may, in-turn, be your absolute worst cleaner. Do you really want to risk taking the wind out of his/her sales over their poor cleaning performance? 

Outsourcing these services to VForce is a great way to keep your team happier, focused and productive on revenue-generating activities while our professional office cleaners ensure that your office is thoroughly cleaned and well maintained between workdays.  

Healthy Place to Work

Not only will your staff not be expecting to perform cleaning duties, but when they do, their lack of commercial cleaning experience and inconsistent attention-to-detail will show. There’s an art and skill to properly cleaning and sanitizing a workspace. When you leave cleaning up to your employees—who are likely anxious to get home at the end of the day–your workspace isn’t going to be as thoroughly cleaned, dusted and sanitized as it would be if you hired our cleaners to do it.  

Consider that contaminants, if left to build up in your office, can lead to an increase in allergies and illness, which can result in people taking additional sick days. Outsourcing your cleaning to our professional cleaners is the best way to ensure your workspace is thoroughly and consistently clean upon arrival to your office each workday.  

Stocked, Locked and Noted

When managing a business, it can be easy to forget to keep important things like cleaning products, hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper in stock. We will help keep your bathrooms stocked while keeping track of these things and making sure that orders are placed when necessary.  

Employees who stay late to clean the office could pose potentially serious safety issues. Being left alone is never a good thing for potential security issues as well as emergency response if something were to occur in the process of cleaning. Slips and falls can easily lead to injured employees and expensive WCB claims; whereas we  are fully insured and bondable. Not only does this mitigate the risk of injury claims, but also ensures that the our cleaners accessing your office afterhours are identifiable, reliable, trustworthy and know the protocols to take to keep your office secure. 

There may come times throughout the year when you have a special event, a cleaning emergency, or require specialized services such as floor stripping and re-waxing, professional carpet cleaning, or blind and window cleaning that are outside of the usual scope of your services. At VForce we will give you a point of contact to communicate your ongoing needs and requests with and our cleaners will also make a point of taking note of your special requests and specific requirements.  

Some business owners put off hiring a professional office cleaner because they don’t feel they have enough time to vet each cleaning provider and choose the right one for their specific budget and needs. VForce Commercial Cleaning makes this easy by being approachable, so you can contact us even if you just have questions or want to learn more about the services we provide and how we can tailor them to your schedule, budget and requirements.  

We also offer no-obligation quotes and stand by our work estimates. And, our 4-tiered Inspection Program ensures your office receives thorough cleaning excellence every time.   

Contact us today for your own no-obligation quote and to learn more about the benefits that your business could receive by outsourcing its cleaning needs to VForce Commercial Cleaning.

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