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Whether you own a small retail store or a chain with multiple locations, you may be surprised to learn the extent to which your company could benefit from outsourcing its cleaning needs to a professional store cleaning provider like VForce Commercial Cleaners. While many store owners would rather delegate these tasks to their current employees than hire an outside service, there are several downsides to doing so.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your retail store’s cleaning needs to VForce: 

You’ll Save Money, Time and Trouble 

When business owners try to save money or time by delegating the cleaning to their staff, or by hiring their own cleaning staff to do it, they’re often surprised to learn that it can have the opposite effect.

Why this option can be costly, time consuming and troublesome:  

  • Unlikely to have the commercial-caliber equipment required to perform a deep clean when necessary: When you delegate cleaning to your staff, not only will you be required to provide the cleaning products, but you’ll also have to invest in expensive cleaning equipment or be prepared to hire additional cleaners when floors need re-waxing and polishing, carpets need cleaning and windows needs washing.  
  • Inconsistent outcomes: You may have a few naturally clean and tidy employees, but without proper training and quality control measures, you’re likely to receive very inconsistent results. 
  • Failure to decontaminate: You already know that the most common and easily-contracted illnesses such as colds and flus are spread via germs left on shared surfaces. Unlike professionally-trained cleaners, your employees may not know how to thoroughly disinfect surfaces and prevent cross-contamination while they’re cleaning.  
  • Risk of injury: If your any of your employees accidently slip, fall, cut themselves, or throw out their back while routinely cleaning your shop, you may be liable for expensive WCB claims.  
  • Unable to respond to cleaning emergencies: Are you prepared to call your staff in the wee hours of the night—or even on holidays—and expect them to immediately address broken glass or potential bio-hazards following an accident or break in? You needn’t put them or yourself at risk when such emergencies arise.  
  • Potential turnover: Good sales staff are hard to find and even harder to retain because just about every business is competing for good sales talent. Therefore, one of the best things you can do to help keep your star salespeople longer, is to make their jobs as pleasant and rewarding as possible. Show them that you acknowledge and appreciate their customer service and salesmanship by keeping their jobs focused on duties that best utilize their skills, talents, interests and inabilities instead of putting them in charge of housekeeping duties.  

Why hiring VForce Commercial Cleaners can be less costly, less time consuming and less troublesome:  

  • One point of contact for everything: When you work with a us, you’ll be assigned with an account manager who you and your staff can call when you have questions or special cleaning requests and concerns.  
  • Commercial caliber products, techniques and equipment: Whether you need professional carpet cleaning and stain removal, floor refinishing and re-polishing, interior and exterior window cleaning, blind cleaning, or thorough sanitization, we arrive to the job with everything we need to render services thoroughly and efficiently. 
  • Professional and specialized training and experience: we receive a higher-level of training on cleaning techniques and safety protocols, so we know how to effectively disinfect surfaces, reduce cross-contamination and even safely handle potentially hazardous materials. Also, each type of business requires its own cleaning specifications and protocols. Our cleaners at VForce are trained and experienced in cleaning everything from boutiques to large department stores. They know what measures to take to prevent damage and protect your store’s equipment, furnishings and merchandise while cleaning.  
  • Less worry about background checks and liabilities: The staff at VForce are fully insured, bondable and properly vetted—as well as being trained to prevent accidents or injury. And, because we have a very low rate of staff turnover, many of our cleaners have been with the company for several years, getting to know clients and building familiarity.  
  • Specialized services: Periods of high traffic, bad weather, or unexpected spills and messes mean your store will eventually come in need of more specialized services, including hard-surfaced flooring stripping, re-waxing and polishing; professional window cleaning, and professional carpet cleaning. 
  • Prompt and adequate response to cleaning emergencies: VForce provides 24/7 emergency cleaning services and our staff are expertly trained and WHMIS certified to handle potentially hazardous substances and materials. No matter what time or day it is, when there’s an unforeseen mess at your store, one call to VForce dispatches professional cleaners to your address your situation. Moreover, VForce clients receive emergency cleaning services as part of their standard store cleaning services contracts and at no additional charge.  
  • Built in quality control: VForce’s 4-Tiered Inspection Program ensures your store receives the same level of cleaning excellence and attention-to-detail each time. 
  • Reliability and predictability: When you contract professionals like VForce to clean and mountain your store, you can rest assured that your cleaners will arrive on-schedule, know how long they will take to clean, and what services are included. And finally, you can take comfort in knowing what your cleaning costs will be ahead of time.  

If your store is located within the Greater Victoria area and you’d like to explore whether VForce Commercial Cleaning is the right provider for you, give us a shout today at (250) 361-1800 or visit us here and request a no-obligation quote.  

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