The Long-Term Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning  

The Long-Term Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning  

Are the carpets at your place of business in need of a thorough cleaning? If so, there are some important things to consider when deciding the method of choice for completing the job in the most effective and efficient manner. Some businesses choose to remain ‘in-house’ in addressing their carpet cleaning needs, opting to rent DIY steam cleaning equipment for use by the janitorial staff on their payroll. While this is an option that can result in some short-term cost savings, the long-term drawbacks of such a decision can be significant.

DIY Solutions Don’t Suck, and That’s a Problem

In what ways does a rented steam cleaning machine fall short of providing your carpets with the deep-cleaning that they need? The answer is twofold:

#1 Lack of suction resulting in deeply embedded dirt being left behind: these machines generally lack the technology or the suction capacity to loosen and lift all of the dirt out of carpet fibers. The daily ravages of foot traffic on the carpets at your facility can be enormous, due to the amount of dirt that gets tracked in and because dirt gets deeply driven into carpet fibers over time. So, while a DIY carpet cleaning rental may be sufficient to clean the carpets in your home, commercial carpets get far more foot traffic and all kinds of outside dirt and contaminants that come in on people’s shoes. In reality, many steam cleaning machines accomplish little more than simply moving loose dirt and soapy water around in the carpet, resulting in the extraction of surface dirt only.

#2 Lack of suction resulting in carpets staying wet longer than they should: Rented steam cleaning machines also tend to leave the carpets extremely damp because of the machine’s inability to sufficiently suction all of the dirty water out of them. And prolonged dampness is a breeding ground for other problems. Not to mention that most businesses need their carpets to be dry and ready to receive more foot traffic the following day.

Like Hair, Carpets Require Special Care to Avoid Damage

Another issue is one of expertise in the application of cleaning solutions. Many a person who is unaware of the unique needs of carpets has either used too much or too little cleaning fluid, or could have used a better combination of cleaning agents to lift not only dirt out of carpet fibers, but also stubborn stains and foul odours. Unfortunately, the end result is often carpets that are still in need of a deep-cleaning treatment and are likely to become more damaged and unsightly over time. Commercial carpet cleaning experts will be able to assess what your carpets need and effectively address any stains, odours and issues while using products that help prolong the lifespan of your carpets.

Leave The Dirty Work to Experts

In light of this information, giving serious consideration to having your facility’s carpets cleaned professionally is a sound decision that can help ensure a cleaner work environment and prolong the life and look of your carpets.

Our team of professionals utilizes the highest powered truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment available, featuring hot-water extraction combined with powerful suction capacity and highly effective carpet-friendly cleaning fluids to provide your carpets with the most thorough and specialized cleaning it has ever received. We will address all of the dirt, stains, and odours, restoring worn and unsightly carpets to their original like-new condition, thus saving your business money over time in carpet replacement costs.

We Can Handle any Thrills and Spills

In the course of running a business or managing an office building, you must prepare for the unexpected: a patron drops a hot cup of coffee, someone’s office lunch ends up underfoot, ‘bring your pet to the office day’ results in weeks of allergies due to dander being left behind…

Our team at VForce Commercial Cleaning offers Emergency Services for this very reason. Our team is quickly deployed to promptly address any mishaps. And you’ll appreciate how our 4-Tiered Inspection Program ensures you receive cleaning excellence, consistently!

Trust our experts at VForce Commercial Cleaning to manage your carpet cleaning and other commercial cleaning needs. For more information and a no-obligation quote, contact us today. We provide expert, high quality work at reasonable prices, and we look forward to getting your carpets looking their very best.