Polish Your Private Schools A+ Image with Professional Janitorial Services  

Polish Your Private Schools A+ Image with Professional Janitorial Services  

Private schools appeal to a discerning clientele. Parents of students want to feel secure about the school they choose and the investment they’re making in their child’s education. And while a clean facility isn’t likely to be the most important feature they’re looking for in a school, never underestimate the subconscious influence the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of your facilities has on both their first impression and their final decision.  

Professional Janitorial Services Support Your School’s Clean Image 

Everything about your school needs to reflect a high perceived value, and the cleanliness and maintenance of your school’s buildings and grounds certainly helps communicate such. 

Windows should be clean and free of dirt and fingerprints from the inside and outside. Floors should be clean, polished and free of stains. Surfaces should be free of dust and handprints. And the indoor air should be free of any musty odours.  

The right professional janitorial services provider will demonstrate a great attention to detail and consistency. They’ll have their own quality assurance measures in place to ensure nothing is missed. The results will be a sparkling clean environment that supports the pristine image you want for your private school, whether your facilities are new or old.  

Shaping Impressions and Exceeding Expectations 

Parents are likely to spend time researching their options and visiting the private schools that make it to the top of their list. And while they will probably be asking each school director the same set of questions, they’ll also take notice of visual cues and details. Thus, you want to do everything you can to make your school stand out in the best light possible.  

Besides meeting with you, parents come to your school to also check it out, to look it over—to get a feel of the place—and to ultimately decide whether to place their children there or not. Regardless of how many degrees your teachers may have, how up-to-date and innovative your curriculum and software may be, if your school gives a less-than-sparkly first impression, it can scare future parents and students away from the outset. Your facility needs to be in top-notch condition at all times. This is where professional janitorial services can help. 

Maintaining a Healthy Learning Environment 

Having a professional janitorial services provider regularly and thoroughly clean your school, helps keep the sanitation up and the germs down. A higher standard of cleanliness and sanitation are expected by those who put their children in private schools. Most people who avail themselves of private schools are higher wage earners who demand clean, neat, and organized work spaces themselves, in their own places of business. They are going to want these same standards upheld in their children’s learning environment. Everything from the bathrooms and lunchrooms, to the classrooms and common areas: each has its own unique sanitization requirements warranting a professional janitorial services provider that knows how to address each space to prevent cross-contamination.  

Entrust Your School to the Right Professional Janitorial Services Provider 

Our team at VForce Commercial Cleaning provides the highest calibre of professional janitorial services while being fairly priced. We offer a variety of specialized cleaning services to address all of your school’s cleaning needs, including: 

  • Cleaning, stripping, re-waxing and polishing of hard-surface flooring (we’ll make your gymnasium floor look fabulous again) 
  • Commercial carpet cleaning and stain-removal 
  • Professional window cleaning (inside and outside) 
  • Professional cleaning of commercial kitchens 
  • Sanitizing and restocking staff rooms, cafeteria and bathrooms 
  • Careful cleaning of office equipment and work surfaces 
  • Emergency cleaning services to address unexpected messes

We’ve earned our reputation for providing cleaning excellence to schools, businesses, and commercial facilities in the Greater Victoria area for over 45 years. Our equipment is state-of-the art, our people are skilled, bonded, insured and vetted, and our attention to detail and consistency is what makes our clients love us. If you’d like to learn more about how we will keep your private school in A+ shape, contact us for a no-obligation quote today.