How Professional Cleaning Services Help Your Store Attract and Retain More Customers 

How Professional Cleaning Services Help Your Store Attract and Retain More Customers 

If you found out that detailed and consistent cleaning contributed to business profits, would you want to hear more? Of course you would. If you’re wondering how professional cleaning services contribute to this, read on. 

Establishing a High Perceived Value 

The price a shopper is willing to pay for an item depends on a few factors: desire, what need or problem the desired item will solve, its perceived quality and how it’s positioned in the marketplace (and in your store). Together, these things affect each product’s perceived value, and subsequently, how much your customers are willing to pay. Some of these things are well outside of your control, but perceived quality and how each product is positioned in your store are elements you can most certainly influence.  

For example, a garment stuffed into a crowded rack or piled into a bargain bin will automatically give shoppers the impression that it is of lower value and lower price than the very same garment steam-pressed and beautifully displayed.  

Now consider that the overall condition of your store either supports a high overall perceived value or a low one. If you want your products to garner strong selling prices, ensure they are showcased in a clean, fresh, odour-free and dust-free shopping environment. You and your sales team should focus on ensuring the products you sell are always well-displayed, and let a professional cleaning services provider tend to the floors, windows and surfaces. 

Creating and Meeting Customer Expectations 

It’s not enough to create a good first impression on customers. You must do whatever you can to maintain the impressions you make in order to attract repeat business and referrals. Keeping your store in top-shelf condition tells customers that your business is doing well, and gives them an idea of the calibre of products and services they can expect when doing business with you.  

Busy stores quickly accumulate dirt, dust and debris, and heavy traffic areas will require constant maintenance: 

Hard surfaced floors: require regular cleaning and the occasional stripping and re-waxing to maintain their appearance and protective coating. 

Carpeted areas: need regular vacuuming and the occasional deep-cleaning and stain removal. 

Windows: need to be professionally cleaned–inside and–outside to create high visibility.  

Countertops: need to be wiped down with a sanitizing agent to prevent the spread of illness or infection.  

Displays and other surfaces: require regular dusting and cleaning to look polished and professional. 

Employee break rooms and offices: need to be cleaned, sanitized, and maintained to provide a comfortable and sanitary working environment.  

Bathrooms: need to be properly cleaned, sanitized and restocked.  

Running a business is already a lot of work. Hire a professional cleaning services provider to maintain your store’s cleanliness between business days while you and your sales staff focus on showcasing your goods and creating excellent customer experiences.  

Vforce Commercial Cleaning has been providing professional cleaning services to business owners in the Greater Victoria area for over 45 years! Our experience and skills have earned us a reputation as having an almost fanatical attention-to-detail, and we’re proud of it because we know it matters to you too.  

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