Does Your Store Need Professional Cleaning Services Before Spring? We Bet It Does. Here’s Why! 

Does Your Store Need Professional Cleaning Services Before Spring? We Bet It Does. Here’s Why! 

The holiday rush is over and you may feel relieved. Your store survived all those crazy Christmas shoppers and so did you and your staff! That said, you and your salespeople may also be looking around and wondering what hurricane hit your aisles. Either way, your store could probably benefit from a deep-cleaning performed by the right professional cleaning services provider before spring.  

Here’s a Few Key Reasons Why: 

Residue from Sales Stickers and Sticky Fingerprints (Not to Mention Germs): 

Sales stickers get everywhere, including the discount and “New!” stickers that companies ask you to apply to products. Once these stickers get on the floors and shelves, their adhesive starts collecting grime and making a mess of your property.  

Then there’s the sticky-fingerprints on your countertops, displays, mirrors and glass. And hands can carry germs, especially during flu season.  

Removing dirt and filth is time consuming, and properly sanitizing surfaces requires specialized cleaning products. Following the busy holiday season is the perfect time to have professional cleaners thoroughly wash your windows and deep clean your store, rendering it fresh and ready to impress your Springtime shoppers. 

Lots of Traffic Means Your Waxed Floors Need Refinishing: 

Thousands of shoes coming in from winter mud and rain just finished making contact with your store’s carpets and waxed floors, smearing in dirt and wearing down the coat. Your floors will show patchy places where your store got the most traffic, and these patches will be right where they are most visible.  

Now that your store’s traffic has lessened a bit, customers will start to notice how beat up the floor looks. The right professional cleaning services provider will offer commercial-grade carpet and floor cleaning services and treatments. Their commercial grade products and equipment will make quick and efficient work of getting your carpets and floors clean, fresh and looking like new again.  

Commercial carpet and floor cleaning is one of the most important professional cleaning services to have at the turn of each season, prolonging the life of your flooring and preventing stains, damage and odours.  

Nobody Had Time to Give Your Bathrooms the Deep Clean They Really Need: 

Public bathrooms are havens to many customers—especially to moms with babies—and they need to be kept to a high-standard of cleanliness to remain safe and comfortable. But during the holiday rush, no one had time to give the mirrors a streak-free shine, wipe down the stalls and remove the gunk that quickly builds up in the nooks and crannies of your bathrooms. This leads to your bathrooms smelling a little off, and the general appearance of them turning-off your customers.  

Never overlook the impression your bathrooms can make on the rest of your store! A professional cleaning services team can bring your bathrooms back up to scratch—sparkling clean, restocked and sanitized.  

The Right Professional Cleaning Services Team for the Job: 

When you and your staff are busy running a store, you don’t have time to babysit your cleaners or call additional contractors to tackle cleaning jobs that your in-house team can’t. This is why it makes sense to hire a professional cleaning services provider—like our team at VForce—that specializes in commercial cleaning.  

With over 45 years of commercial cleaning experience, an uncompromising attention-to-detail, and our own quality assurance program, we’ve earned our reputation of being the trusted professional cleaning team of many businesses throughout the Greater Victoria area.  

If you’d like to learn how we tailor our services to your specific needs, contact us today for a no-obligation quote. We’ll make your store shine this Spring.