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3 Reasons to Hire Commercial Cleaners to Deep Clean, Re-Wax and Polish Your Department Store’s Floors Before the Holiday Rush 

Your department store sees a lot of traffic during the winter months. Everybody needs something for the holidays, and you have a lot of work ahead of you getting prepared for the onslaught. It can be easy to forget your floors while you are putting up new displays, holiday decorations, and arranging for events. However, […]


Why Have Professionals Maintain The Floors

Floors have needs. They take a lot of punishment, and they can wind up looking shabby pretty quickly. Now, you might think that your business can save money and time by keeping the maintenance in-house, but the truth is that your business is best served by contracting an expert floor cleaner. Consider the following: Floors are Central to Your Office or Business Looking Professional Retail spaces, […]


VForce: Your Company’s Dedicated Floor Cleaner

Office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels what’s the first thing you notice as you enter the smudge-free (or not so smudge-free) glass doors that welcome you into their establishment? No, it’s not the impressive shade of olive or grey that coats the interior walls. No, it’s not the ambiance created by the establishment’s choice of lighting. What you […]