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How to Know it’s Time to Hire a New Janitorial Service Provider 

One of the most important ways to attract customers and retain employees is providing them both with a clean, well-maintained environment. In fact, your brand’s reputation has a lot to do with good commercial cleaning. Whether you’re looking for new janitorial services, or replacing your current provider, it’s important to invest your money and time […]


6 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Janitorial Services Provider  

If you’ve decided it’s time to hire a janitorial services company to clean your place of business, then it is crucial to vet each provider to make sure they have the expertise and equipment to handle your particular needs. Before you sign any contracts, ask each company you are considering these 4 key questions. #1 […]


5 Key Qualities to Look For in a Janitorial Services Company

Keeping your commercial property clean is an important part of running a successful business. A clean facility keeps customers coming back, and gives employees a healthy environment in which to work. When it comes time to hire a janitorial services company to clean your business, you should look for these 5 key qualities. Experience The most important quality to look for […]