Use Nursing Home Cleaning Services to Showcase Your Commitment to Health & Safety 

Use Nursing Home Cleaning Services to Showcase Your Commitment to Health & Safety 

There is probably no more important place to have a clean environment than a nursing home. Anyone who has a loved one staying in such a facility can tell you the importance of knowing the facility is clean, sanitized, and safe. One way to ensure the job is done consistently well, and is regularly maintained, is to invest in professional nursing home cleaning services.

Keeping Your Reputation Clean 

Anyone can tell you that first impressions are important. And when you walk through the front doors of a nursing home, there are definitely things guests and prospective residents notice, especially if those things are negative,
such as:

  • Is there the smell of sickness or urine in the air?
  • Is there clutter around?
  • Are floors clean and safe to tread on?
  • Are windows full of streaks or smudges?
  • Are bathrooms stocked and well tended to?
  • Are common areas well kept, clean and comfortable?
  • Are residents’ rooms kept clean and free of health and tripping hazards?
  • Is the overall facility well cared for?

If employees, family members of residents, or medical staff notice negative things, the nursing home will start to be seen in a negative light, but a professional cleaning service can make sure these first impressions are positive.

Ensuring the Health & Safety of Residents, Guests and Staff 

Next, it is important to keep nursing homes clean so that residents stay healthy. The elderly usually have health challenges to begin with, and exposing them to the flu, colds, or gastrointestinal illnesses going around can lead to devastating consequences (not to mention the risks of cross-contamination). A cleaning service that makes sure everything is properly sanitized on a regular basis will keep residents, as well as guests and employees, healthier.

Finally, a clean facility will decrease the risk of slips and falls. This is an extreme danger with nursing home residents who commonly have balance and strength issues. Something as simple as a puddle not cleaned up well, or an obstruction in the hallway can lead to a fall, which often results in a fracture. Not only is it important to keep residents safe, but employees and visitors too.

Emergency Cleaning Preparedness 

In the course of standard facility operations, sometimes the unexpected occurs requiring immediate attention to prevent accidents or cross-contamination. Hiring a professional nursing home cleaning services company that also offers emergency services will help ensure any unexpected issues are safely and promptly addressed.

Choosing Comprehensive Care 

Nursing home facilities usually have a combination of flooring surfaces. Thus, choosing a nursing home cleaning services company that offers both hard-surface cleaning as well as professional carpet cleaning can ensure all areas of your facility are cleaned and maintained. This will also save you time and money you’d otherwise spend on having to manage and schedule more than one cleaning contractor.

If cleaning at your nursing home could use some improvement, hiring our team at VForce Commercial Cleaning is a great solution. Thorough, regular cleaning will make a difference in the impression the facility makes on the community, as well as on the quality of life of the residents and staff.

For more information, contact our team at VForce. Ask us about how our 4-tiered inspection program ensures consistent cleaning excellence for your facility.