Victoria’s Professional Cleaning Service That Really Shines

Victoria’s Professional Cleaning Service That Really Shines

Perhaps you already have a professional cleaning service or have used one or more in the past but was never completely satisfied with the level of work they carried out for you. Before working with us, some of our clients have shared stories of how their previous cleaners started out strong but started cutting corners. We’ve been told about previous professional cleaning service providers that ended up being too unreliable, inconsistent or lacking the attention of detail needed to achieve the professional-calibre of cleaning that their clients rightfully expected.  

We’ve Heard It All, and Here’s How Our Team at VForce Really Shines: 

Our Skill and Experience:  

We’ve been providing professional cleaning services in the Greater Victoria area for over 45 years. We’ve acquired the experience and mastery needed to provide even specialized cleaning services to a variety of commercial spaces, businesses and properties.  

We Have an Unwavering and Uncompromising Attention to Detail:  

We hire people who have the same standards and, as a team, we take immense pride in our work. Our reputation depends upon every professional cleaning job we do. 

We Use Commercial-Grade Products, Equipment and Techniques:  

This ensures we have what’s needed to effectively sanitize and clean up all kinds of messes while prolonging the longevity of your furnishings and surfaces. 

We Think Green and Local:  

We use environmentally-friendly products and purchase our supplies locally whenever possible.

We are Professionally Trained and WHMIS Certified:  

We know how to safely and effectively clean everything from healthcare facilities and factories to industrial parks and construction sites and everything in between, disposing of hazards, chemicals and debris according to each industry’s regulations and standards.  

We Come with Already Integrated Quality Control Standards:  

Did you know that the work that’s done by our trained staff is also inspected? Our management inspects the work that’s been done to ensure that it consistently measures up to your standards as well as our own. 

We Work with You:  

Our people are professional and approachable. We communicate with you so we can know what you expect. We’re also responsive to any concerns that you might have. This also includes tailoring our professional cleanings services and schedule to your needs and convenience. 

We offer a Comprehensive Set of Professional Cleaning Services:  

Including professional window cleaning, professional floor cleaning, stripping, waxing and re-polishing, professional carpet cleaning and window blind cleaning.  

We Hire Good People:  

Each of our team members has been thoroughly screened prior to being hired. Our team members have been professionally trained and are fully insured and bondable.  

Our Crew Stays with Us:  

There’s no high turnover-rate at VForce! As ethical employers, we treat our teammates right while expecting the best from them. Because of this, our team members stay with us which, in-turn, means our team members will stay with you, learning all of the important details of your business, so the highest standards can be consistently achieved. 

We Are Experienced in Cleaning a Variety of Settings:  

And we offer our professional cleaning services to businesses and commercial spaces such as: 

  • Corporate Offices 
  • Government Facilities 
  • Department Stores 
  • Restaurants 
  • Parking Lots 
  • Churches 
  • Factories 
  • Industrial Parks 
  • Warehouses 
  • Theatres 
  • Healthcare Institutions 
  • Education Facilities 
  • Shopping Malls 
  • Nursing Homes 
  • Apartments & Condos 
  • Commercial Buildings 
  • Hotels & Resorts 
  • Military Bases 
  • Public Facilities 
  • Transportation Terminals 

You Can Rely on Us Even During Emergencies:  

What if your plumbing pipes were clogged and a room became flooded? Or what if one of your windows gets smashed due to vandalism? You can rely on us to come in right away after cleaning emergencies occur. It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem seems to be. We’re available to help you every hour of the day or night. 

We Offer No-Obligation Quotes:  

We know that the first step in a trusting relationship with new professional cleaners requires that you be able to determine whether the service is the right fit for your needs and budget. We are happy to offer you a no-obligation quote so you can see the value we’d be providing you with.  

We Honour Our Agreements with You:  

And we stand by our estimates—no surprise add-on costs or overages! If you ask us for specialized cleaning services that fall outside of your usual contract with us, we’ll ensure we get your sign-off first, before reflecting any extras on your bill. 

When It Comes to Choosing the Right Professional Cleaners for Your Business: 

VForce Commercial Cleaning is the right call to make. Contact our team at VForce for a no-obligation quote and to find out more about how we’ll customize our professional cleaning services to fit your specific needs, schedule and budget.