Why an Emergency Cleaning Services Crew Should be on Every Business Owner’s Speed Dial  

Why an Emergency Cleaning Services Crew Should be on Every Business Owner’s Speed Dial  

No business owner wants to deal with a cleaning emergency. Whether a pipe broke in the bathroom, someone smashed a window, or your business was the victim of vandalism, you’re dealing with a situation that will cost you money and keep you from doing business until it’s properly addressed. Prompt action is required to prevent further risk, business loss and damage. But avoid the temptation to let your employees participate in the clean-up effort. The last thing you need now is injured staff. The best step you can take is to hire a commercial cleaning team that offers 24-hour emergency cleaning services. There are 3 big reasons for this. 

Quickly Resolved 

A reputable commercial cleaning company like VForce has an emergency cleaning crew on 24- hour standby, ready to respond when cleaning emergencies arise. And they’ll arrive with the right skills and equipment to do the job. You don’t want to have to call your staff afterhours, wait for them to respond, arrive, assess the situation before they can gather the supplies they think they’ll need to tackle the mess, and then finally get to work on the clean-up. A professional emergency cleaning services crew is a much faster option. 

A commercial cleaning company that offers emergency cleaning services will show up with all the appropriate equipment in hand, too, since they keep all the supplies needed for any cleaning emergency with them. There is no trotting off to the nearest home improvement store to get a dehumidifier or a squeegee. Professional cleaners are ready to work the moment that they arrive, which you will appreciate when faced with an emergency. 

Employee Safety 

Situations that require immediate cleaning aren’t just ugly; they’re often dangerous too. Bathroom flooding or biohazards left by squatters or vandals pose potentially serious contamination risks, and are always best left to professional cleaners who are skilled at proper sanitization techniques.  

Or let’s say, for example, the front window in your store gets broken. You don’t want your employees to accidently cut their hands while trying to pick up the mess, or by trying to work around the glass. That’s a Workers Compensation headache you especially don’t need right now. And you don’t want to cut your hands on the mess, either.  

A professional emergency cleaning services crew will be properly insured, bonded and trained. And they’ll have the right gloves to pick up the glass with impunity and leave your workforce clean, safe and sanitary. 

Attention to Detail  

When relying on your staff to clean up emergency messes, you won’t want to be placed in the uncomfortable position of critiquing their amateur emergency cleaning efforts. Even though you’re compensating them for their time, they are still showing extra initiative by tackling an undesirable task that is outside of their typical role and work hours. So this means, when details are missed, you’ll likely end up finishing the job yourself. 

It takes a deep, practical knowledge of the nature of a mess and the tools used to clean it to effectively remove all signs of damage and potential contaminants when you have a cleaning emergency. It also takes a certain amount of dedication—the sort of dedication that comes from being paid specifically for your professionally acquired cleaning skill. This describes a professional emergency cleaning services crew that prides themselves on their attention to detail.  

You can rest easy if you have professionals deal with it because you know that all of the germs, dirt and damage are completely gone. Your business space will be safe, spotless and ready to welcome customers and employees within the shortest turnaround time possible. 

Be Prepared 

Don’t just wait for an emergency to hire the right cleaning team. Get in contact with us now and learn how our crew can come to your rescue when a cleaning emergency arises.  

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