Why Winter Weather Cleaning Challenges Require Professional Cleaners

Why Winter Weather Cleaning Challenges Require Professional Cleaners

Canadian winter weather can quickly make a nice office look bad, bringing with it dirty sludge and wet garbage tracked in by shoes and knocked off of coats onto the floor. Windows also seem to get more dirty and grimy from condensation and increased air moisture. In addition, cold and flu germs can stay trapped inside your workplace. People rarely let fresh air in during the winter.

The only way to properly disinfect your office is to hire professional cleaners. 

Because common colds and winter flus are so “common,” business owners often underestimate their impact. In 2015, the CDC reported that employee absenteeism cost US employers $225.8 billion, (around $1,685 per worker).

Winter viruses can live on surfaces up to 36 hours, and the germs spread quickly. Sick employees often take at least 1-3 sick days. Some employees take even more time off to care for sick kids at home. These employees sometimes get sick several times, because their kids get sick several times every winter season.

Even though Lysol® and some other consumer products kill cold and flu germs, only a professional cleaner can clean office surfaces such as door handles, chairs (especially chair arms), conference tables, phones, keyboards and desktops thoroughly. Many of the products they will use are hospital grade and are stronger than any consumer product.

Because of all this, it’s not safe or sanitary to try to handle your own winter cleaning with just some sweeping up and wiping down of basic surfaces. People are so concerned with getting in from the cold; they care very little about just how much dirt, slush, snow or moisture they track in.

  1. Every day, you should have a cleaning service come in and do a complete dusting and mopping. Professional cleaners will also clean things like door jams and crevices in your equipment and furniture, yielding a cleaner office overall.
  2. It’s also essential to clean windows weekly if possible. Winter windows collect more goop in office environments. Dust on windows can also block out sunlight which helps to keep the air, floors and carpets dry and clean. Moisture in the air evaporated onto floors can also contribute to slip and fall accidents. Professional cleaners have the products and techniques to maintain your office windows, streak-free, year round.
  3. Lastly, your HVAC system traps and re-circulates multiple pathogens during the winter months. These pathogens damage air quality and affect office health. Your cleaning crew can keep your HVAC clean by replacing filters and cleaning out ducts.

On your end, it’s a good idea to make sure to have multiple heavy-duty entryway rugs that you can switch out when they get wet. Moisture in the entryway is a main cause for slip and fall accidents. It’s also the main reason moisture is tracked over carpets, creating stains and causing dangerous mildew and mold issues.

It’s important to understand that without professional cleaning, (especially in the winter), your business could be liable for a plethora of workplace injuries including slips and falls, mold and mildew related illnesses, colds, flus or other issues that cause problems for people with delicate systems like allergy sufferers, the elderly, sick, expectant mothers, infants and children. Contact us today at VForce Commercial to get started.