Why You Can’t Let Damage From Vandalism Stand

Why You Can’t Let Damage From Vandalism Stand

For the most part, professional businesses have pre-established professional cleaning services on a regular basis. This routine may seem sufficient for day to day cleaning however, if an emergency arises, for example vandalism, the ability to have a 24-hour on-call relationship with a professional commercial cleaning service, may come in very handy. It would not be sufficient for the professional cleaning service to simply clean up any vandalism they may find on their next scheduled visit. The reality is that a professional place of business cannot necessarily wait. Here are 3 reasons why your commercial cleaning service needs to offer 24-hour on-call cleaning services.

Vandalism Attracts More Vandalism

The point of graffiti is frequently to claim a space as your own. This leads to other people putting graffiti on top of the old graffiti and commenting on the last graffiti. People committing this crime also get a thrill out of seeing their handiwork, and if they see it often, they will feel encouraged to do more.

Getting your cleaning service to cover the graffiti immediately stops this cycle cold. It takes the thrill out of the sight, and it loudly proclaims that this is your property. No other comment is necessary.

Other types of vandalism tend to attract more of the same, too. When a place looks like no one cares about it, people start thinking it is abandoned and it is ok to damage it. Again, a 24-hour cleaning service can correct that misperception.


Vandalism may make your properties less safe. Broken windows mean broken glass everywhere. Spills of biological fluids or chemicals can make people sick. The sooner you get the vandalism cleaned up, the less likely that a visitor gets injured. From both a strictly humanitarian and a legal perspective, you want your cleaning crew on the job as soon as possible.

Keeping Face

As a business owner, you need your space to look beautiful all the time. First impressions are hard to reverse. Even more likely, future customers could pass your properties on their way to work. If they see your place vandalized, they will assume you take a lax attitude towards your place of business, and they should deal with someone else. You can keep your company’s name associated with good work by eradicating the signs of vandalism before any chance a passer-by can see the damage.

Fortunately, VForce Commercial Cleaning services has offices open all day and night. If you are anywhere in Victoria or the Western Communities, VForce Commercial Cleaners can clean up your damage on a moment’s notice. If you need a company that will keep your properties vandalism-free all the time, no matter what, contact us.