5 Tips from Professional Office Cleaners on How to Prevent the Flu from Taking Over Your Office This Season 

5 Tips from Professional Office Cleaners on How to Prevent the Flu from Taking Over Your Office This Season 

The change of seasons means that, once again, illnesses will be making the rounds. Sick days and decreased efficiency due to illness can be very costly to your business. And an office full of sniffly, sickly people is unattractive to customers, who’ll want to make a hasty retreat before they catch whatever is going around your workplace. Between visits from your trusted, professional office cleaners, there are some simple things you and your employees can do during the workday to prevent the spread of the flu bug and other germs this year. 

Tip #1: Educate Employees 

Make sure your employees know what they can do to prevent the spread of germs. Have a meeting. Post materials on flu recognition and prevention tips in the breakroom. Send emails and hang posters reminding employees to use precautions.  

Encourage employees to cough into a tissue or into the crease of their arm versus coughing into their hands.  

Proper handwashing, not only prior to leaving the restroom, but also before preparing snacks or pouring another cup of coffee, and upon arrival to the office can help prevent staff from bringing germs from home into the workplace, especially during flu season. 

Tip #2: Provide Supplies and Sanitizing Tips 

Make sure your employees have ready access to hand sanitizer, disinfecting-wipes and sprays, and conveniently placed tissues. Put bottles of hand sanitizer in high contact areas. Give employees disinfecting wipes and make sure they know you want them to use these to wipe down telephones, screens, keyboards, doorknobs, toilet handles and anywhere else a germy hand or sneeze may have landed. 

Place a wastebasket close enough to the inside doors or your office washrooms. This way, your employees and patrons can use it for disposing paper towels that they’ll use to grab the door handle with upon exiting. 

Tip #3: Provide Flu Shots 

Hold a clinic to allow employees to get low-cost or free flu shots. 

Tip #4: Encourage the Use of Sick Days When Needed 

Let employees know that if they are contagious, they should keep their germs to themselves by using a sick day. Make sure your company has a policy for sick days and that employees are aware of it. If remote work is possible, consider allowing sick employees, or those caring for sick children to do what they are able to from home. It only takes one sick employee arriving at the office to spread the flu to several others.  

Applying these tips throughout each workday and between visits from your professional office cleaners will help prevent the flu and other viruses from spreading throughout your office. 

Tip #5: Hire Professional Office Cleaners to Maintain and Sanitize Your Workplace 

The right professional office cleaners will effectively sanitize and disinfect surfaces. All common areas such as meeting rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, and waiting rooms need to be sanitized at least daily. Regular cleaning of this type can get rid of the days accumulation of germs each evening, keeping them from growing and spreading. Talk with your professional office cleaners about taking extra precautions this flu season. 

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