Our Team

With a team of over 100, we strive to employ staff that are reliable, efficient and possess the highest quality of characteristics. It is important for us to hire individuals who use common sense, are stable, demonstrate a strong work ethic, are physically able to do the work and have great references.

Experience is not a prerequisite, since we train all of our employees in our methods and to our standards. Trust and respect between management and employees is essential in order to meet our goal of operating a quality business with integrity.

Management Team

George – President

George is the President and Founder of VForce Commercial Cleaning. Throughout the organization’s establishment, George has built and sustained a reputation that is recognized amongst various businesses in Greater Victoria. As the President, he handles the company with his sheer dedication and experience in the cleaning industry. Over the last decade, George has maintained consistent in his beliefs and culture he set out for the organization. Where all employees are valued members, we believe we are only as strong as we are different.

Sherri – Operations Director

Through her support, vast knowledge, and commitment of the organization over the last 15 years, Sherri is the Operations Director that makes VForce Commercial Cleaning function as efficiently and effectively as we do! Sherri oversees all operational business activities of the company to ensure that we achieve our business objectives productivity. Sherri drives employees and leads performance reviews to ensure VForce has an engaged and skilled workforce. Collaborating with the Management team, she strives to build an environment of collective responsibility and accountability.

Ricardo – Facilities Manager & Estimator

Since starting in 2010, Ricardo is an individual who holds two critical roles in the organization. He performs various functions, which primarily involves providing supervisory role to ensure effective operational delivery of cleaning services. He oversees, trains, and inspects the work assigned to cleaners and ensures all procedures are performed to the standards of VForce and more importantly, our clientele.

Nicolas – Facilities Manager

Nicolas has grown alongside the organization as a Facilities Manager. He manages the services and operations that support the organization’s core. He makes sure that best practices are followed for optimal efficiency and that the best working environment for the company’s personnel and operations is created. In conjunction with the Service Manager, he coordinates activities, resources, equipment, and information as we strive to reach our organization’s mission.

Monica – Human Resources & Service Manager

Monica is part of a collaborative team with the objective to support the successful implementation of the mission and vision of VForce. She has a drive for the overall strategic success of the company and is responsible for handling any people-related concerns and needs that may arise. In addition, she maintains the structure of VForce and provides support and assistance to the human capital, also known as our employees. As the company grows, Monica will play a critical role in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.

Admin Team

Juan & Juan – Evening Supervisors

As our Evening Supervisors, Juan & Juan ensure our cleaners are equipped with the necessary supplies for our cleaners to properly fulfill their duties. They conduct walkthroughs to ensure the established scope of work and cleanliness of the site is met and completed. In the event of a staffing shortfall, our supervisors are there to help perform various cleaning tasks.

Stephane – Daytime Supervisor

Stephane is our Daytime Supervisor, and he shoulder a wide range of responsibilities. He proactively communicate with frontline and office staff to rectify any issues, service quality or other related items. As our supervisor, he coach and develop cleaners to improve the quality of service.

Luke – Quality Control Inspector

Luke is our Quality Control Inspector and his attention to detail plays a critical role for VForce. Luke performs Quality Assurance Inspections to ensure compliance with quality standards and contract specifications. He ensures that the quality of the service set out by our cleaners is maintained or improved.

Barbi – Administrator & Purchasing Coordinator

Barbi is our office Administrator & Purchasing Coordinator. She provides clerical support to our managers and employees and coordinates all daily administrative activities. In addition, as our purchasing coordinator, Barbi ensures all supplies required are ordered in a timely manner so our staff can provide the quality service set out for our clientele.

Robyne – Service Coordinator

Our Service Coordinator Robyne plays a vital role within the organization. Robyne works with clients to provide quality services and to ensure all areas outlined in our Schedule A are being maintained by our team. She assists in the resolution of client questions, concerns, and service issues, including undertaking appropriate efforts as well as facilitating the internal day to day activities.