Hotel Cleaning Services

A clean appeal for a refreshing stay

You spend a lot of time and money marketing your hotel to appeal to both new and returning visitors. It’s a competitive industry and you know you need to do everything you can to ensure your hotel receives positive guest reviews. If you’re a frequent traveler yourself, you already know how much value vacationers place on the cleanliness of a hotel or resort. An hour on one of the popular travel review sites will likely unearth a myriad of stories from vacationers on how clean or how filthy their accommodations were, not only inside their rooms, but in the common areas as well.

Here are 3 reasons to hire VForce Commercial Cleaning for your hotel:

Lasting Impressions

Guests know their accommodations were previously used by hundreds if not thousands of guests before them, but they certainly don’t want to be reminded of it by finding remnants of dirt left behind by those who enjoyed the hotel’s amenities before them. While your housekeeping staff do their best to tend to standard room cleaning, oftentimes, rooms and common areas are in need of a more thorough cleaning every season–or more frequently–depending on use (and your proximity to seabirds).

No More Common Complaints

Common areas see a lot of foot traffic and recreational use by guests who tend to be a little lackadaisical when it comes to picking up after themselves while on vacation. There’s often the assumption that someone on staff will happily come along to properly discard of litter left behind. Melted ice cream and soft drink spills can leave a sticky film on surfaces that serves to attract more dust, dirt and hair. Outdoor areas are exposed to the ravages of the Island’s healthy seagull population, making a thorough surface cleaning a must.
Carpets and flooring often see the worst of it. Outdoor dirt, pollen and debris is carried in on guests’ footwear and luggage, and over time, leaves unsightly marks in common area carpets and streaks across smooth flooring that a quick vacuum can’t remove. Dust left on surfaces can contribute to allergies and an overall disheveled appearance, lowering the overall perceived value of your establishment.
You’ve invested so much in getting guests to come to your hotel, and you want your hotel to be ready to impress them. We can ensure these complaints don’t happen!

Partners in Presenting a Polished Appearance

Vacation rentals that place a premium on cleanliness give visitors a sparkling impression upon arrival and promotes a sense of trustworthiness. A polished appearance tells visitors that your staff have a high attention-to-detail and are keenly interested in addressing their needs and ensuring their satisfaction during their stay with you.
In the course of running a busy hotel and tending to guests and staff, you don’t want to have to inspect the work of your cleaning team as well. You need our cleaning team that is both methodical and accountable. It’s going to save you time and prevent headaches if you hire a company like VForce that has well-defined quality-control measures to ensure your hotel receives the same high standards of cleaning each time.
Our cleaners are experienced in cleaning hotels and vacation properties and will take the time to ensure all surfaces are clean and nothing is missed. We can also tend to windows, carpets and other flooring, restrooms, walkways, parkades and commercial kitchens as well. We can even respond to emergency cleaning situations as they arise. This will save you an enormous amount of time that you’d otherwise spend contracting and vetting additional cleaning contractors.
Hiring VForce Commercial Cleaners will help ensure your establishment is ready to make a 5 -star impression on your guests. If you’d like to learn more on how our team of commercial cleaning professionals can best address your hotel’s cleaning needs, contact us. And ask us how our 4-tiered Inspection Program ensures your hotel receives consistent cleaning excellence!