Construction Cleaning Services

The Difference is in VForce’s Approach

As top-tier cleaning professionals, we understand that construction debris and dirt fall from the top down. That’s why we tackle each room with our sheer dedication and attention to detail.

Your crew has just finished working on that special project, and you’ve done a good job of managing your team to ensure the building project is done on time and within budget. Even though the construction is done, dust and debris that’s collected inside the new build, as well as the jobsite still needs to be cleared before your project is ready to showcase to clients. Post construction cleaning is a big job to do, and someone has got to do it well so why not hire us to do the dirty work?

Here’s 4 reasons why you should hire VForce Commercial Cleaning to clean your new build and jobsite instead of delegating post construction cleanup to your crew:


At VForce, we’re experienced at a variety of commercial cleaning jobs, which includes specializing in post construction cleanup. We’ve been helping people like you for well over forty years. Our crew members are professionally trained and supervised to ensure that we meet your expectations. Also, we’ll handle any additional concerns that you might have about the job right away.


We are skilled in safety and productivity. Our team members know how to safely handle and dispose of potentially dangerous debris such as broken glass, nails or metal scraps with sharp edges. We carefully inspect each jobsite we’re at to see what needs to be done and we figure out the best methods for doing it, including disposing of debris according to local rules, ordinances and standards. Plus, we’re fully insured, bondable and WHMIS certified.

Attention to Detail

More often than not, your best builders are the worst cleaners. While some parts of post construction cleanup require heavy lifting and hauling of debris, cleaning the inside of your new build also requires careful technique while removing dust, dirt and decals from interior windows, appliances and surfaces so as not to cause damage. Our team at VForce arrives at the jobsite with the training, skills, equipment and products needed to remove exterior debris, as well as applying our meticulous attention-to-detail to rendering your new build pristine and ready to showcase to clients.

Crew Morale

By using us for your post construction cleanup needs, your crew can be dispatched to other important construction projects or enjoy a well-deserved rest before the next job begins. Your crew will appreciate the restful reward of a job well done and that you’re focusing their skills on what they do best.

When you hire VForce, you won’t just be using any group of people to clean up the mess, you’ll be using an experienced and professional crew that knows how do post construction cleanup the right way while respecting your timeline and budget. If you’ve got a building project in the Greater Victoria are that’s nearing completion, give us a call at (250) 361-1800 or contact us for a no-obligation quote. We honour our quotes and won’t change our prices after you give us the work. And our 4-tiered InspectionProgram ensures you receive post construction cleanup excellence.