It’s 3am, and you’re awakened by a call from your office building’s security company. There’s been a break-in, and you’re needed on the scene to assess the damage and address the mess thieves left behind. You scramble out of your half-asleep stupor to get dressed before calling staff, hoping someone will pick up and be able and willing to help with the clean-up efforts. Does this sound familiar? If not, you’re lucky or already have cleaners responding to cleaning emergencies. Either way, here’s how choosing the right cleaners ensures you’re always prepared. 

Emergency Cleaning Requires a Timely Response

Every hour (or day) that your office or store remains closed due to damage from break-ins, leaks, renovations or acts of vandalism costs you revenue-generating time (and in the case of unexpected emergencies) staff wages. For this reason alone, it’s imperative that whoever you hire to maintain your office is capable and willing to respond to cleaning emergencies if and when they arise. 

Clarity Amidst Chaos

No one wants to receive a 3am wake-up call informing them they are required outside of their usual working hours and responsibilities to help clean up a mess they didn’t make — and no business owner wants to have to make those types of calls and requests. However, in the absence of other options, what is an office manager or shopkeeper to do when immediate action is required? 

Preparing for the unexpected can really pay off and be as simple as hiring cleaners who can maintain your office and respond to cleaning emergencies as needed. For example, at VForce Commercial Cleaning, we include 24/7 access to our Emergency Cleaning Services as part of every ongoing cleaning contract (and at no extra charge). Our clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing who they can call (and successfully reach) when disaster strikes, regardless of the day or time. 

Protecting Your Staff and Yourself From Potential Injury

Lastly and most importantly, responding to cleaning emergencies can put you and your staff at risk of injury (and expensive workplace injury claims) from cuts, falls or potential biohazards. It’s easy for accidents to happen while cleaning up broken glass, metal and debris left by vandals or as a result of leaks, spills and accidents. 

In contrast, when you delegate cleaning emergencies to experts like our team at VForce, you’ll gain confidence knowing a team of WHMIS-certified, experienced, fully insured and bonded cleaning professionals are more than capable of safely and efficiently addressing all types of messes with zero risk to you and your staff.

If Your Office Is Located Within the Greater Victoria Area:

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