Excellence in cleaning and disinfection is paramount, especially when your occupants are already immunocompromised and trust you to create a safe, clean space conducive to their health and healing. Here are five reasons hospitals and nursing homes trust VForce with their healthcare facility cleaning needs.

Attention to Detail + Consistency

Everyone wants cleaners that demonstrate exceptional attention to detail, which VForce cleaners are primarily known for, but attention to detail only counts if your cleaners also demonstrate consistency. Our cleaners ensure both by adhering to a well-established, 4-Tiered Inspection program that leaves nothing up to chance.

Emergency Response

Sometimes, unexpected cleaning emergencies occur outside your Healthcare facility cleaning service schedule. When you contract VForce to maintain your facility, you gain 24/7 access to our emergency cleaning services (and at no extra charge). Regardless of the time or day, when an unexpected mess strikes, one call to VForce dispatches our team of cleaners to promptly and safely resolve the mess.

Efficient and Effective Disinfecting

During the pandemic, VForce invested in our new Clorox® Total 360® System to increase the calibre of our disinfection services. The Clorox® Total 360® System’s electrostatic sprayer wraps surfaces (including porous surfaces, including upholstered furniture) with a micro-fine mist of Health Canada approved disinfectants. The result is faster and more thorough germ-fighting capabilities that reach even commonly missed areas without leaving surfaces and furnishings damp or damaged.

Extensive Skill and Experience

It almost goes without saying that healthcare facility cleaning requires a level of skill and experience that supersedes what’s required when cleaning residential or even other commercial spaces. When the health and lives of your staff and patients are at stake, you need the utmost confidence that the cleaners you hire are capable and experienced in following healthcare cleaning and disinfection protocols. Every cleaner at VForce Commercial Cleaning is professionally trained, WHMIS certified, fully insured, bondable and experienced at cleaning commercial, industrial and healthcare spaces like yours. VForce has been delivering cleaning excellence to businesses and healthcare facilities in Greater Victoria for over 50 years. Our collective experience and interactive management ensure each and every cleaner on our team is equipped with everything required to deliver reliable excellence.

Attentive Service

Attentive and accessible service support is crucial when choosing a company for ongoing healthcare facility cleaning. You and your staff need to be able to easily reach your cleaners to communicate changing needs and concerns as they arise. As a client of VForce Commercial Cleaning, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager to serve as your consistent point of contact.

If You Operate a Healthcare Facility in Greater Victoria: 

Give our team at VForce Commercial Cleaning a call today at (250) 361-1800 or contact us online to learn more about our healthcare facility cleaning services and to request a free, no-hassle, no-obligation quote. Remember to ask us how our 4-Tiered Inspection Program ensures consistency and excellence.