Hire an Office Cleaning Services Provider to Do That: Don’t Saddle Your Employees with Cleaning Your Office’s Breakroom and Common Areas 

Hire an Office Cleaning Services Provider to Do That: Don’t Saddle Your Employees with Cleaning Your Office’s Breakroom and Common Areas 

You may think you have the tidiest employees on the planet—and they may be pretty great at keeping their immediate workspaces clean and clutter-free. But what about your office common areas? Who has enough time to invest in ensuring those equally important areas are being properly addressed?  

While leaving cleaning up to your employees may seem like a tempting solution, there are several reasons why hiring the right office cleaning services providers will prove to be your best choice in both the short-term and the long-run.  

Cleaning The Office Breakroom 

As an employer, you have a vested interest in keeping the breakroom comfortable and clean. Some companies resort to asking their employees to help clean and maintain this shared space, but hiring a dedicated cleaning crew to clean your office’s breakroom has many advantages:  

Office Cleaning Services Providers Won’t Throw Away Other People’s Lunches: 

It is much easier and much less awkward to remind employees of when the cleaning crew is coming. This way, employees can label what is theirs in time. This also leaves dealing with moldy, ‘forgotten’ items to people who are genuinely paid to deal with those things.  

Office Cleaning Services Providers Won’t Resent Cleaning Up: 

An office cleaning services provider won’t gripe over cleaning cooked-on grease in the office microwave, or roll their eyes at repeat offenders—those employees who conveniently forget to wash their dishes or wipe up after themselves.  

And if your breakroom has any commercial kitchen equipment, a commercial office cleaning services provider, such as VForce, will have the proper training, skills and solutions to keep them in clean and working order too.  

The Office Boardroom 

Nothing whatsoever should get in the way of making the best possible impression on your clients. A sticky armrest or greasy fingerprints on tables, phones, and presentation screens can give your clients the impression that your team misses the details, or is haphazard with their work.  

Hiring professional office cleaning services ensures every detail is consistently tended to because, like your employees who are focused more on their key job skills, professional office cleaners are focused on wielding their cleaning skills. They’re going to take more pride in their work and want to ensure you’re happy with their results.  

The Office Lobby  

The same could be said about your lobby or reception area. Your employees are apt to miss the smallest details that your clients, however, will notice.  

Your floors are one of the main areas clients will take note of. Spills, scuffs, tracked in dirt and marks should be cleaned up between each workday. Doing so will also prolong the life and condition of your commercial flooring. Commercial office cleaners will have commercial-grade cleaning equipment that can reach and remove dust, pollen and dirt that a standard vacuum or rental-equipment can’t. It’s just one of the reasons why you should have professionals maintain your office’s floors. 

The Office Bathroom 

Not only will your employees begrudge cleaning the office bathroom, there are more serious reasons why you should hire a professional office cleaning services provider to do it instead: 

Sanitization & Cross Contamination:  

Even if your bathroom isn’t open to the public and is only shared amongst a few employees in your office, it still poses potentially serious cross-contamination risks. There are several contact points—from bathroom stalls and stall-locks, to faucets, counters and door handles—where something such as the flu virus can be picked up and spread amongst coworkers. Tackling cleaning using tactics employees use at home will not sufficiently render each surface sanitized. And employees taking turns in cleaning will result in certain areas being missed or insufficiently cleaned.  

Restocking Supplies:  

In offices where employees are tasked with the cleaning, when soap and other bathroom supplies run out, the issue isn’t immediately addressed if it requires an employee to leave the office on a supply-run. In the meantime, people who use the bathroom are left without soap, paper towel or worse. A professional office cleaning services provider can restock these items between workdays, so you’re never without (and you won’t be left paying retail prices for supplies either).  

Consistent Maintenance:  

When you have different employees taking turns cleaning your office bathrooms, you’re going to get a different standard of cleaning each time. While making your employees adhere to a cleaning checklist can help, they will still be addressing each task to the best of their abilities, and according to their own standards of what they consider as being clean. Whether or not your bathroom is accessible by clients, or only used by employees, you want it to be consistently stocked, cleaned, sanitized and maintained. Professional office cleaning services providers that have their own quality assurance measures will see to it that nothing is missed, and that your office bathroom is consistently cleaned and well maintained.  

Shared Office Spaces 

Dedicated Office Cleaners Know the Best Tactics 

It takes specialized knowledge to produce a streak-free window, clean blinds, odour-free carpets, sanitized surfaces and a dustless chair in an office space. Cleaning a public area has many quirks that cleaning your home lacks, such as floor-length, crank-shaft operated windows and cork boards.   

A commercial cleaning company knows the ideal way to keep your entire office clean instead of letting employees apply what they know about cleaning their own home to your property.  

At the End of the Workday 

Your employees may be keen on doing their part. And they too probably take pride in your office’s appearance. But despite their best efforts, they just aren’t going to have the time and techniques to consistently deliver the highest standard of cleaning that a professional office cleaning services crew can.  

 If you need the right professional office cleaning services provider to bring the sparkle back to your office’s breakroom, boardroom and common areas contact our office cleaning experts at VForce today for a no-obligation quote.  

We specialize in commercial spaces and offer a variety of cleaning services to address all your cleaning requirements. Our keen attention to detail, customer service, and consistency is what our clients love about us. It’s why we’ve been the trusted cleaners for so many business owners in the Greater Victoria area for over 45 years! 

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