COVID-19 Disinfection

A New Standard of Disinfecting for the COVID-19 Era

At VForce Commercial Cleaning our focus is on tailoring our services to meet your needs. We offer a full menu of cleaning services allowing our clients to select those that best suit their daily, weekly, and seasonal or occasional needs.

VForce Commercial Cleaning is pleased to announce that it is now accepting bookings for its new state-of-the-art cleaning system approved by the Center for Disease Control. The Clorox® Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayer System, as its name implies, cleans the front, back, sides and underneath of whatever is sprayed. Check out the amazing lightbulb demonstration below and see the incredible difference this new technology makes when fighting deadly viruses such as COVID-19, C. diificile, MRSA, the flu, and other pathogens.

In the coming months and years, keeping yourself, your employees, your visitors, and your customers safe is going to prove vital but challenging. Let VForce Commercial Cleaning ensure your facilities are 360-degree clean and disinfected, quickly and efficiently. The Clorox® Total 360® system uses 65% less solution and is 75% faster than a trigger sprayer, and will cover 18,000 square feet per hour.


Approved COVID-19 Disinfectant Cleaner

The Total 360® disinfectant cleaner, with its new 360® electrostatic sprayer, kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 seconds on all surfaces in your facility, even those you can’t reach. This new generation system wipes out cold and flu viruses along with more than 40 other organisms within 2 minutes. Watch the Clorox lightbulb video demonstration to see for yourself how much more effective this method is than a trigger sprayer, pump sprayer, or even a cordless electrostatic sprayer.

Everyone is talking about the “new normal” well this will be the new normal for protecting your business and everyone you work with and serve. VForce Commercial Cleaning is family-owned and operated and has been serving Victoria clients for 30 years.

Beat the rush, call us now and book this incredible new system. Together, we can beat COVID-19 and whatever else threatens our health, safety and wellbein