Case For Professional Cleaning Between Tenants

Do you manage multi-unit residential properties or strata buildings within Greater Victoria? If so, what’s your typical protocol when it comes to cleaning between tenants? You may inadvertently be making a big mistake if you trust your soon-to-be ex-tenants with the cleaning. Here’s why you, your tenants and your property will benefit from hiring professionals to do the thorough cleaning between tenants. 

Human Nature Chooses the Path of Least Resistance

It’s a diplomatic way of admitting that humans, left to their own accord, are generally lazy-ish. Consider this: your tenants have been spending several days (or weeks) packing up and getting ready to make another place home. There’s a good chance they’ve been doing the packing after their workdays, leaving little in the proverbial tank to thoroughly clean. If they’re picky about cleaning, chances are, it will be when they move into their new place! In the meantime, they may understand what’s expected of them (and are keen to get their damage deposits back), but that doesn’t mean they will go above and beyond to make your suite pristine. Chances are, they will leave it barely clean enough to pass your inspection. After all, they’re focused on the shiny new future ahead of them, not on the crumbs and dust they may have left behind. 

Good Enough Is Rarely Good Enough

Here’s a truth bomb: What you and your previous tenants miss will be noticed by your next round of tenants (especially if they are the type of tenants everyone wishes they had). Your now empty suite is the “shiny and promising new home” to your new tenants, so don’t let a lack of attention to detail thwart their optimistic expectations about the place. 

You’re Establishing a Standard

What you accept as “good enough” establishes a standard of what you expect from all future tenants. For example, tenants (even the best, tidiest, most responsible tenants) are likely to leave their suites in similar conditions to when they moved in. In contrast, when you hire experienced and skilled professionals (such as VForce Commercial Cleaning) to clean between tenants, you can rest assured that your suites will be rendered as pristine as possible, which can go a long way in establishing how you expect new tenants to treat the property while they live there, and when it’s their turn to move out. 

Protecting and Preserving Your Property

Skilled and experienced property cleaners know how to deep clean every surface in your suites without causing damage. When flooring, carpeting and fixtures are properly treated and cared for, they not only look better, they hold up better, prolonging their longevity and delaying costly replacement. Property owners are concerned about their bottom line, after all.

Prepared in a Pinch

Last but not least, hiring property cleaning professionals that offer emergency cleaning services as needed can save you time (and sanity) that you’d otherwise lose when tenants move out unexpectedly and leave behind a big mess. For example, our team at VForce Commercial Cleaning includes access to our 24/7 Emergency Cleaning Services as part of all ongoing cleaning contracts (and at no extra charge). Knowing you have professional cleaners you can rely upon, especially when tenants fail you, will help you be prepared when unexpected messes arise. 

If You Manage Multi-Unit Rental Properties Within the Greater Victoria Area:

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