What It Is

As its name implies, commercial floor stripping, re-waxing and polishing is a service that’s performed as needed to replace a hard-surfaced floor’s old finish with a new, clean, clear and evenly applied protective finish which carries several benefits.  

Why It’s Important

The finish on your commercial floor consists of a protective coating that makes your flooring look attractive and protects your flooring from permanent damage and uneven wear. How your hard surface flooring is waxed and re-polished can determine whether your floors reflect a high-gloss, medium-gloss, matte or satin finish. Waxing and polishing can also be performed to create an appealing high-shine finish without leaving floors too slippery for patrons.

Commercial Floor Stripping, Re-Waxing and Polishing Needed

Commercial floor stripping, re-waxing and polishing are often performed on an annual or as-needed basis, depending on several factors, including how much traffic a building receives. Common signs indicate when floors need specialized care, such as when a building’s hard surface flooring starts to show uneven wear and tear. In addition, scheduling regular floor stripping, re-waxing, and polishing services isn’t purely aesthetic; floor stripping and re-waxing replace the protective surface that coats commercial flooring, which prevents permanent damage and prolongs the longevity of the flooring. Whereas commercial flooring that’s not adequately protected can be cost-prohibitive and highly time-consuming for businesses to replace. Lastly, high-traffic buildings such as schools, medical and nursing home facilities require regular floor re-waxing and polishing to ensure floors don’t have any sticky or slippery areas that could pose a slipping hazard — especially for patrons with mobility challenges.

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