Inflation is straining everyone — businesses included, and in efforts to cut costs, some offices are delegating the between-workday cleaning to their staff. Unfortunately, what may seem like a clever workaround can quickly go sideways. Here’s why you really need professional office cleaners and what you can do to cut down on costs instead. 

Your Staff Secretly Loathes Cleaning Duties

Picture this scenario. You have a solid team working for you, people you’ve had the pleasure of working with for years. They seem happy, and you’re pleased to have them. But don’t take their loyalty and job satisfaction for granted! One of the best ways to boost and maintain good employee retention is by keeping your team focused on their core competencies as much as possible. Give them opportunities to grow their skill sets and expand their responsibilities without burdening them with office housekeeping and potential burnout. In their efforts to please you and prove their value, staff will often agree to tasks they secretly detest doing. So, show them you see their skilled contributions by delegating the cleaning duties to professional office cleaners instead. 

Your Office Will Look, Feel and Be a Lot Cleaner

You wouldn’t assign just anyone to do your business’ bookkeeping – you know that skill and experience result in better outcomes. The same is true when it comes to office cleaning. Professional office cleaners, such as our team at VForce Commercial Cleaning, are skillfully trained, WHMIS certified, fully insured, bondable and experienced in properly cleaning and disinfecting various furnishings, office equipment and surfaces (without causing damage). Their cleaning capabilities far surpass a simple spray n’ wipe. For example, at VForce, we utilize commercial-calibre equipment, including our Clorox® Total 360® System, to more thoroughly and efficiently disinfect shared workspaces. And our floor cleaning equipment is specifically designed to treat and care for commercial hard-surface flooring and carpeting. The right products, skills and equipment result in a more thoroughly and consistently cleaned office and well-maintained furnishings. 

What About Cutting Costs, Though?

If your business is in a pinch when it comes to balancing budgets, consider that outsourcing your cleaning often cuts costs — costs you may not consider immediately, including the need to replenish cleaning products and bathroom and staff room toiletries. Hiring professional office cleaners may also prevent expensive workplace injury claims that can occur if one of your staff accidentally injures themselves while cleaning (it happens). Finally, hiring a professional cleaning provider like VForce means your cleaners will be willing to work with you and schedule your cleaning around your changing needs and budget. For example, we can suggest tips that will help you and your team keep your office cleaner, resulting in less frequent cleaning required. 

So, when it comes to cutting costs, don’t compromise your office’s cleanliness and your staff’s happiness. 

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